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A Guide for Choosing Bicycle Insurance

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

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Is bicycle insurance mandatory to a cyclist?


Each cyclist has a different reason for riding. It could be for recreation, general fitness, transportation, racing, or simply for relaxation with family and friends. Regardless of your reason, Simply is here to help you compare different insurance policies that you may need in your riding journey.


It’s good to invest in bicycle insurance if you want to cover your bike against any accidental damage or theft, or if you always travel and race to be covered for every incident. Some home insurance covers certain accidental damage or theft but may have exclusions and restrictions and may not cover damages that occur outside their policy.


That’s why it is highly recommendable to get a specialist bicycle insurance policy that can provide extensive coverage for your bike.



What are the requirements to get a quote?


Simply can easily assist you by just providing the following information:


  •       personal details (name, age, and address);


  •       details about your bike (value of your bike, model, bike type, serial number, maker);


  •       standard requirements for your preferred insurance.



Is it possible to avail an affordable insurance?


Yes! You can avail affordable premiums by ensuring that you have secured your bike to the best of your ability with sold secure locks used as a minimum. If you’re storing your bike in an open area, an open garage, a shed or otherwise, it’s likely that you will be required to use an anchor lock that’s cemented in.


Locking your bike while out and about is a very high risk of theft thus, you will need to ensure the frame is secured to a permanent structure, or make sure to attach your bike to something that can’t be moved or lifted, as your bike is only as secure as the thing you attach it to.


It will also help you a lot if your bike is registered with the correct company, as this will be used as a reference of the police in case your bike got stolen. Always keep in mind that most policies will only cover the bike if it’s in possession of the policyholder at the time of the incident unless you select a special usage of the family members in the policy.


Pro-Tip: If you are locking your bike away from your home, make sure you do so in a busy, lively, bright and ideally, CCTV-covered area.


This will not only make your bike less likely to be a target for thieves but will also make your life easier should you have to make a claim.



Is my Home Contents Insurance Policy enough to make a claim for a stolen or damaged bike?


It is possible that your bike might be covered of your existing home contents insurance policy but it’s important to check if they offer the cover you need. Home insurance will often cover bicycles for accidental damage and theft.


However, your home insurance may not cover damages that happened away from the comfort of your home. It would be a whole lot better to avail bicycle insurance that will give you the best cover especially if you own an expensive bike that you use daily or for joining competitions..



What is the benefit of bicycle liability insurance?


Liability insurance covers you against third party claims. This means if you damage somebody’s property or injure another person while cycling, those costs are covered by your insurer. No cyclist wants to get into an accident or collision, but if something unexpected happens and you are at fault, liability insurance can protect you against expensive legal compensation and costs.


Liability insurance for cycling is not compulsory and is up to the individual to decide if they need it. Liability insurance to cyclists is offered in the UK. It can also function as good peace-of-mind cover, to take some of the stress out of cycling.



Are my bicycle tyres also insured?


It depends on your bicycle insurance policy, but usually, it won’t be covered. A vehicle is not complete without tyres that is why it is also very important to take care of your bike tyres. Tyres play an important role in your bike’s efficiency and costs.


There are several ways to take care of your tyres and this includes finding the right tyre for your bicycle. There are different tyres available for normal street riding and racing. If you plan to use your bike for city commutes, do not buy racing tyres as they will offer low traction on the road.


You also need to wash your bike’s tyres regularly, if it is muddy wash it right away and don’t wait until your servicing. Accumulated dirt on your tyres can cause the tyres to skid. Don’t forget to replace your bicycle tyres at a regular schedule.


No tyres last forever. So, you might want to check the age of your tyres periodically and replace them, especially if needed.  Different bikes have different tyre pressure levels. So, check the two-wheeler manual to know for sure and fill the tyres with air up to the optimum levels. Do not, at any cost, put off the task of filling air in the bike’s tyres. Riding with less pressure can be risky.


It is also important to get the tyre pressure checked at regular intervals. Also, if the tyres are too old, it is advisable to get them replaced before taking them out for a drive. This is because the rubber hardens with age and hardened tyres are no good. These reminders can help you ride your vehicle stress-free in all climates and instances.



Compare Cheap Bicycle Insurance Quotes Online with Simply Now!


Taking the time to discuss all of this before a claim will let you know exactly what to expect, and if you have invested a significant amount in your new bicycle, or have several bicycles in your home, it’s really worthwhile to find out.


On your next cycling adventure, if something goes wrong, you’ll have the help and coverage you need. So, don’t hesitate to check all other insurance companies using Simply. Have a safe ride!