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A Guide for Choosing Boat Insurance

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

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Comparing boat insurance saves you time and energy. You only need to submit a few relevant details about you and your boat so that you can start to compare your marine insurance.  Your information will be sent to the appropriate insurance provider in our network who will get in touch with you directly for a discussion on available options. 



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Simply can help you with quote comparison from a rib to a luxury yacht, anything! You need to understand that you are safe with us, we have authorization from The Financial Conduct Authority as an insurance mediator and we adhere to their regulations. 


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We believe it shouldn’t take you a long time to get a boat insurance quote that is affordable to you. This shouldn’t be expensive to find too, we offer a free system. We have more than 3 million Simply users, who used our system in comparing quotes from insurance providers. 


We at Simply made our marine insurance system for comparison accessible for you every time whether it is for a jet ski, canoe, motor cruiser or yacht, and others, be assured that we are here to save you money. 



General and key information on boat insurance


Boating adventures are a pleasurable one enjoyed by almost everyone whether as individuals, groups of friends, family, and so on. You may decide on canoeing, speed boating or yacht cruise, there are so many activities to do on the water. You may choose to explore new places, travel on water across the UK or you can choose to go overseas as a perk of owning your boat. 


Owning a boat comes with a lot of pleasure, it may also be such an expensive pleasure. Just like driving a bike or a car on a road, so does controlling a boat on the water have its own risk. Also, tides and waves are always moving and can be very unpredictable, which is a higher risk than driving on a road that is immobile.  


Other risks are the same, such as in the case of your boat theft, fire explosion, loss, public liability, and accidents which can occur anytime and are unexpected. So, you may need to find a specialized insurance provider so that you can get an insurance policy that covers everything for your boat. 


When you carry out a comparison, no matter the kind of boat you have you may still be able to get cheap boat insurance regardless. This may include narrowboat is or jet ski insurance. Finding a specialized boat cover would be easier if you enter specific features in your search. 



Finding Boat Insurance Online


To get specialized insurance of any form, you should start with an online search. This makes you connect with insurance providers or brokers that can get you a suitable boat insurance policy. By using a comparison to determine the cheapest option for a boat insurance policy, you will quickly and easily find a boat cover policy that fits you. 


Also, by comparing boat insurance cover, you would conveniently find out which is available and suits your needs. The comparison may involve that a boat owner put in the information about their boat to get appropriate insurance outcomes for various policies. 


Comparing quotes may seem like a more common way to secure any specialized policy including a boat insurance cover. To simply conduct an online search will be more convenient and straightforward than visiting different insurance companies separately. 



Why Is Boat Insurance Necessary?


Although in the UK, boat insurance is not legally required but you would do yourself a lot of good by getting a policy as soon as you buy your boat. Any investment in a boat policy will most likely not be cheap, so securing your property like a yacht, big boat, or any other kind of marine vehicle would be beneficial. Especially in such cases where the owner cannot be with it every time.


You may be required to purchase boat insurance if you have taken marina finance or to adhere to waterways authority or the rules and regulations from a marina harbor. If you keep your boat in the care of a third party, you would have to comply with their own rules which may likely include providing a compulsory and suitable boat insurance policy. 


It is beneficial to thoroughly search for boat insurance cover that is suitable for you as soon as you buy your boat so that you can ensure it has maximum protection from the beginning. 



Advantages Of Boat Insurance


Just like every other form of insurance policy, you get a good chance at having peace of mind when you have valid boat insurance. This is so because, you can be sure your boat is protected against theft, fire, accident, or any other damage and loss incident.


An ideal boat insurance policy may be able to provide cover for personal accident or financial if there is a loss or damage. You also have the option of a legal cover and every other benefit. As a boat owner, you can personalize your desired quote so that it can suit your situation.


Although boat insurance may not be a legal requirement, it includes financial benefits and practical advantages with the pleasure of not worrying about your boat.



The Exclusions On Boat Policy


Before you buy a boat insurance cover, ensure that you understand the exclusions, which is better you confirm sooner before it comes as a surprise when you have already purchased one. They include;


  • Know your boat’s true value, so that you can get the precise quote from any comparison done online, you must be aware of the market value. There may be no payout if your insurance is found to be inaccurate, whether it is underinsured or over-insured.


  • Usually, there is no cover for wear and tear. Just like every other insurance, boat insurance does not cover wear and tear or any form of depreciation from use. For this reason, make sure that when you are choosing a boat cover, the policy is exactly what you need.



Using A Comparison For Boat Insurance


When you use a comparison service, you are bound to enjoy ease and quick boat insurance shopping. You don’t want to spend a lot of your time searching and analyzing various policies. Hence, doing a comparison by searching for basic information could be the best choice when you are researching the boat insurance market.