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Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Motorhome or Caravan

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Guide | 0 comments

The market for recreational vehicles, as well as car appendages, has been enjoying quite considerable demand over the years. These types of vehicles come with a certain type of culture and if you’re considering the possibility of owning one, you need to remember that there is more to buying a motorhome or caravan than paying for the purchase. You’ll also have to consider the fact that there is also a way of life attached to the purchase— something you will have to subscribe to eventually.


Considering how this is a major investment you are about to make, you need to be exactly sure that this is indeed what you want. At the same time, you want to take into consideration certain things that will help you make an educated decision.


Understanding the difference

One of the first things you need to do is to find out exactly what you want. You’d be surprised at the sheer amount of choices out there for you. For starters, you need to select from a fifth wheeler, Winnebago, Airstream, RV or recreational vehicles, campervan, camper trailer, camper, T & B caravan, folding, Fibreglass or GRP, pop-top, pod, trailer, motorhome, or a static or touring caravan. Madness, isn’t it?


Figuring out what you want alone from all of these choices can be a nightmare. This is why it pays to do a bit of research and get an idea of what the differences are.



In the UK, the term caravan is used to refer to a trailer or mobile home that is fully-equipped and self-contained and is generally towed around using another vehicle. Caravans are generally designed to be used as a mobile home. Meanwhile, static caravans are those that will be set up in a single place— for instance, in holiday parks.


The touring caravans, meanwhile, will require another vehicle that will tow them around. In this article, this is the type of caravan that we will be focusing on. In other countries, what’s referred to as a caravan in the UK is generally referred to as a small camper trailer or a leisure vehicle. Generally, it will be equipped with a table, sleeping quarters, a kitchenette as well as an awning or fold-out tent attached to him.


If you really intend to get or buy a caravan, you might want to check out caravanning clubs where you are as they can be such a massive when transitioning to this new lifestyle.



Campervans are self-contained vehicles and characterised for not having any division between the unit’s living area and the actual cab. They’re generally smaller than motorhomes and are usually equipped with basic facilities for cooking, sleeping, as well as washing up.


These types of leisure vehicles are generally preferred by tourists because they are not only easy to operate, but they allow one to just conveniently park up somewhere as well.



Another self-contained vehicle, a motorhome is often built on a truck or a bus chassis. There is a distinct separation between the living quarters and the cab. They usually come with ablutions that are built-in along with amenities for washing, cooking and sleeping.


What’s great with motorhomes is the fact that they are designed to be everything you need if you are ever on the road. It highly focuses on self-sufficiency. In addition, they generally come with higher and better specs. Still, one has to ask the question as to whether or not all these impressive features equate to leisure and comfort.


Making the right and better choice

The model you’ll likely end up with is highly determined by the specific towing car you own as well as the specific hitch you need if you are to choose vehicles that are designed to drive itself. You will also want to decide whether to go for a model with a single axle or a twin-axle unit.


Important considerations to buy a motorhome or get a caravan

An important consideration you should look into first before deciding which types of vehicle to get or buy is its weight. This can, after all, affect how easy or not it would be for you to tow the vehicle about. Consider the type of amenities you need when on the road as well. Everybody will usually have an idea of what they want and need when travelling around in a recreational camper. Dig deeper not what will make it easier, better, more convenient and more comfortable for you when you’re towing the van around on the road.


Determine whether or not it is true that motorhomes tend to be much easier to drive around than caravans. After all, there’s a very good chance that this might just be an idea that has been heavily espoused by enthusiasts of the vehicle to get more people to go choose and purchase their own. Caravans do tend to be a bit more challenging to reverse and park up. If you think that driving ease matters most to you, you may want to look into the possibility of getting a campervan instead as it would be perfect cover for those road trips you might want to embark on especially in the summertime.


There are also people that would prefer the option of getting their campervan unhitched when they get to a holiday camp without the need to get all their belongings brought with them wherever they have to go. If what you want are little day trips near the camping ground, then bigger vans may be out of the question as their size alone will make all these activities a little too inconvenient to do.



There are those who believe that caravans tend to have a much faster depreciation rate compared to motorhomes. But there’s also the possibility that they are merely spewing more propaganda towards glorifying motorhomes. Perhaps one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before buying is whether you wish to make an investment for the long term which your family can enjoy for years to come or if you just want to enjoy some local, cheaper holidays.


You’ll find that there are a ton of variables that come into play when determining which vehicle would make for the best choice. The same is true when determining which model is likely going to cost more in the long term. Among the things that would usually play a role on this matter include the brand quality, longevity of the model, the overall newness of the unit, storage needs, insurance, as well as upkeep costs etc. Taking the time to do your homework and asking as many relevant questions as you can before making a decision is always the way to go.


At the end of the day, costs will usually take the deciding vote especially if one were to consider the current state of the economy. Luckily, people will have the option to take out vehicle financing and many othe offers in the event that they need a little bit of help in affording the specific model that they’re interested in.


Buying motorhomes or caravans – Summary

When deciding which vehicle is worth your money, always consider how you intend to use it and what it is exactly that you want. If there is a specific look or ideas you prefer as what some buyers do then include it into your considerations. Take the time to research as much as you can about the market and look at a number of dealers first before committing to anything. Best of all, remember that this is an investment and you always have the option to sign up for financing when the need arises.