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A Guide for Choosing Caravan Insurance

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

Caravan Insurance Simply Comparison


If you own a caravan, whether static, motor, or touring caravan, you want to enjoy using your caravan without the fear that you may not be able to afford to repair it in case of damage or replace it if it is stolen or destroyed. When looking for caravan insurance, protecting your personal property, the caravan and the people currently using the caravan are very important factors to consider. 


So that you can get the best insurance policy for your caravan, for the right price, you must get quotes from a couple of caravan Insurance providers to enable you to choose the best options. 



What Is Caravan Insurance?


Caravan insurance is to protect you financially against any damage or loss of your caravan. You can always find insurance policy packages for whatever kind of caravan you own, and for whatever purpose. Whether it is a touring caravan, an immobile caravan, a park home, or a holiday caravan, there’s always an insurance policy that fits your caravan. 



Why Should I Get Caravan Insurance?


Unlike in the case of car insurance, caravan insurance may not be obligatory, however, you can get a specialized insurance policy that would provide financial protection in case of mishaps to your caravan. Whenever you are towing your caravan, your caravan insurance will only extend to a third party insurance cover. So if you are involved in a road accident which you caused, for this reason, you will not get a damaged cover for your caravan. As a result, the same happens if your caravan is damaged while it is removed from a towing vehicle or in the occurrence of theft.  



What Does Caravan Insurance Cover?


You can find insurance policies that cover damages and loss caused by accidents or theft for any type of caravan you have whether yours is a touring or mobile caravan and static caravan which can even offer protection against damages from towing. It is possible to extend your damage cover against accidents, especially touring caravans, so that you can get cover against unpleasant occurrences while you are on the road. 


Your caravan insurance policy can also provide cover against fire damages, theft, and other third-party liability, thus you can fully enjoy your vacation. 



What Kind Of Caravan Insurance Policy Do I Need For My Caravan?


Your caravan will likely have a specific type and model used for a specific purpose. The  caravan insurance policy you will choose should consider a couple of factors, depending on specific type of caravan, where you keep your caravan when not in use, where you take your caravan, and what you desire to be covered by your insurance policy. 


If you don’t know or you are not sure your insurance cover type for the kind of your caravan, whether immobile or moving caravan, feel free to reach out to our team of professional insurance advisers to give you more details and clarifications that would enable you to make a well-informed decision. 



How Much Does Caravan Insurance Policy Cost?


When you compare caravan insurance policies with Simply you will be able to find different insurance quotes covering an array of risks. As a result, making an average cost may be difficult. However, a major tip that can help you to get a cheaper premium is to ensure that your caravan is adequately secured at all times. 



What Is The Cover For A Touring Caravan Insurance?


You will find different caravan insurance quotes from our network of insurance providers that have different types of cover. This cover can be provided for your touring caravan whether it is on the road, on the site, or at home and not in use. You can also customize the type of insurance cover depending on the usage of your caravan and pay the cost of only what you need from the cover. You will find a replacement cover for your touring caravan as in a “new for old” cover, or the current value in the market. 


You pay for the needed cover for your touring caravan which will be determined from the way you use your caravan. For instance, you may decide not to choose a European Union towing cover if you don’t tow your touring caravan across Europe, exiting the UK. If you often tow your touring caravan, no claims protection may be of more benefit to you.  


Additionally, you may include content insurance for your touring caravan, you can reach out to your insurance providers to compare quotes on insurance policy extensions. If you are taking your touring caravan abroad, you may want to add a cover that includes a European towing insurance policy.



Caravan Insurance Quotes That Gives Reassurance


You can get a complete caravan insurance policy when you use the simple Simply comparison. From our different insurance providers, the options you can get include the following; motor or touring caravan packages, residential caravan packages, and static caravan packages with the features for each cover specifically designed for what your holiday caravan requires. 


You can consider fire, accident, loss, flood, and other risks. Also, you can be concerned about a policy that covers your personal belongings, fixtures, and fittings, and public liability cover for your caravan, EU, and breakdown cover if your kind of caravan is a touring caravan. You may choose any type of caravan that would meet your holiday needs, this would come as a customized insurance policy for your holiday caravan. 


To find a quote is easy! Simply input your personal information on the form provided and we will send them to our caravan insurance providers who will check the accuracy of your information and offer you quotes that are designed to meet your kind of caravan. 


You may choose to pay for the quotes on the phone or you may choose to take a decision later. This saves you the time you would spend filling forms for different caravan insurance providers. You can take a few minutes to complete the short form and let our insurance advisers provide you with the cheapest caravan insurance package for you today!