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A Guide for Choosing Classic Car Insurance

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

Compare Classic Car Insurance Quotes From UK Insurance Providers



You’re likely to have invested a great deal of money buying your own vintage or classic car and you’re already searching for reliable classic car insurance.


We understand that your vintage car requires the most affordable and best classic car insurance cover if you want protection for your investment.



Comparing Classic Car UK Insurance


It’s a fantastic experience having a vintage car, but it is also important to get cheap classic car insurance to have fun driving it! The older classic cars are typically carefully maintained and stored in a garage with fewer miles than modern cars. So if you compare classic car insurance offers with traditional vehicle insurance, you can get a cheap deal with a reputable vintage car insurance provider. 



Compare UK insurance providers’ classic insurance quotes for your vintage automobile


We may help find classic car insurance for you by contacting classic and vintage car insurance companies in the United Kingdom, which can sell classic car insurance for classic car enthusiasts at a fair and reasonable price. Our team will get in touch with you for a deal specially customized for your requirements. So why not relax and complete your details to begin the insurance comparison today? 



Guide to Classic Vehicle Insurance


Classic car insurance is not as simple as getting regular car insurance, but for qualifying vehicles, you should consider getting one. Although classic vehicle owners may opt to insure their vehicle with a traditional insurance firm if they prefer to, it’s often not a smart or realistic option. Classic automotive insurance in the UK can be specifically tailored for vintage and collectors’ cars which covers particular risks in terms of owning and using one.



How Is A Classic Car Defined?


Classic car insurance usually costs less than most regular car insurance rates, however, not all vehicles can be referred to as a classic automobile. For the purpose of insurance, classic cars can be defined in several different ways, or at best, describe how to identify classic cars that are eligible for insurance coverage.


A car must usually be a certain age, about 15 years or older, and possess monetary value in order to be eligible as a classic or vintage automobile. A general rule which is essentially correct that it can be called a classic if an organization is dedicated to such a type of car – but this does not always happen, of course. 


Some more clearly defined rules and categories are stated for older classic cars:


  • Cars that were manufactured pre-1903 are considered classic cars.


  • Cars that were produced from 1903 to 1933 are referred to as vintage cars.



Classic Car Coverage Requirements


Apart from the limitations mentioned above on what can be defined as a classic car, the vehicle owner may need to comply with one or two additional requirements to qualify for insurance. The main requirement is for the vintage automobile not to be the main vehicle of the owner. Also, the owner should have a primary car that is insured on their behalf for everyday use. 


Insurance companies need proof of the low level of use of a vintage car for you to enjoy lower insurance premiums.


Keep in mind that these are not criteria for most insurers, but are actually things the company considers to determine risk and cost of premiums. A classic vehicle owner that has no access to some other car may still obtain classic car insurance but may have to pay a higher premium. 



Customized Classic Auto Insurance


Classic car insurance plans are often customized for the individual owners requesting them, depending on the car and how they are used. Compared to conventional car insurance that is typically standardized throughout for all qualifying vehicles.


A significant distinction is that to get insurance coverage for a classic car normally requires having an independent expert value the vehicle and then base the sum that will be insured on the value. The price at which the car is insured is its negotiated value and the depreciation would not change this value. The negotiated value is an important aspect of a classic car policy as it guarantees that a classic car owner is reimbursed in full in case of damage or loss. 


The classic insurance rates are measured on the grounds of use, which is another big difference between regular and classic vehicle insurance. The higher the insurance premiums, the more than a classic car has been used. These premiums also involve implementing an annual maximum mileage that can be achieved so that the premium rate will continue to apply. Usually, the mileage at a maximum distance is about 10,000 miles.


One element that is usually missing in classic automobile insurance is a claim-free discount in contrast with regular insurance. But for classic car owners, there is no discount policy for not requesting to claim. 



Comparison of Classic Car Insurance Policies


It may be hard to make a fair comparison of classic online auto insurance since these plans are primarily made for individual owners and their vehicles and therefore are dependent on how it is used as well as the value of the car itself. However, some crucial items classic car owners should look for to ensure that the insurance policy they purchase is adequately versatile for their needs.


  • The policy will best offer coverage when repairs are necessary as well as the procurement of genuine replacement parts.


  • Many classic vehicles boost their value over the long term because then the insurance policy enables the vehicle’s accepted value to be checked and modified. 


  • It is helpful to obtain a policy that can quickly shift to laid-up mode. The laid-up mode would be less expensive than if the vehicle is stored or is otherwise out of the road for a long-term duration since it usually only involves theft or fire. Remember that the car should have a Statutory Off-Road Notice while the car is in laid-up mode.



Obtaining Affordable Classic Car Insurance


Classic automobile insurance could be less costly than regular insurance, but more reductions in premiums may be sought. If classic car owners take into account the following points, they can get cheap insurance coverage. 


  • Insurance rates are lower if the vehicle is not regularly used or driven every day, so a decreased annual maximum distance will help to minimize costs.


  • Store your car strictly for personal use instead of using it for rallies, shows, or other occasions.


  • If the vehicle is utilized at a certain time of year, like the summer months, it will save some money if the vehicle is not used frequently and has a laid-up insurance policy.


  • Numerous classic car associations offer members discount insurance deals. The club will provide insurance discount and pertinent vehicle on the vehicle for car owners members.


  • Owners of several classic cars can be eligible for a premium discount by working with one insurance agent for all automobiles.