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How much does it cost to put up a Conservatory in 2020?

Conservatory Prices


It’s only natural for the owners of a house to look for practical and affordable ways to extend their homes with a conservatory. This begs the question, “how much does it cost to build a conservatory in 2020?”

It’s natural that we always want the best value for our money when we buy things especially when it’s a huge investment in our house such as a new conservatory. With this, we’ll break down everything you need to know in this easy to read guide for conservatory prices in 2020.

Design & fittings have a part to play in conservatory prices
For affordable lean-to conservatory, you can usually find these ones at around £5,000 if you’re after to install them in a small room. However, if you want a full glass roof material or dwarf walls, then expect the conservatory price to step up as well.

In general, the usual prices for conservatories from the most affordable style (1) to the most expensive one (6), you will see that the cost will go up as your conservatory has more style. It’s better to find a style that is suitable for you and your needs.


How much a cheap conservatory costs?

  • Lean to: Starts from around £5,800
  • Victorian: Starts from around £6,500
  • Georgian / Edwardian / Regency / Elizabethan: Starts from around £8,500- £10,000
  • T-shape / P-shape / Loggia / B-shape etc.: Starts from around £15,000
  • Compact orangery conservatories: Starts from around £18,000
  • Orangery conservatories: Starts from around £20,000

You’ll notice a trend from this price list – the more complex the design, the higher the price which makes a lot of sense.


How to purchase a conservatory when on a strict budget?

To get the best value for your money in buying conservatories, you’ll need to be sensible in your choices to match your capabilities at the moment. However, there are still a lot of ways you can do to stretch your money and buy a nice but affordable conservatory. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still acquire a high-quality conservatory at a cheap price.

  • Utilize the cheapest alternative for conservatory roofing which is polycarbonate.
  • With fewer opening parts in the side frames, each opener can be paid as an optional additional option.
  • Don’t go for dwarf walls as these will increase the cost rather, use a full-length glass design of your wall.
  • Instead of digging foundations, it’s better to have a pre-fabricated steel base if you can.
  • Instead of timber, aluminium and coloured UPVC, just go for a white UPVC material which is more affordable.
  • Use “regular issue” furniture for windows & doors.
  • Keep the size of your conservatory below the size that would require planning permission.
  • The contractor could charge for doing, so if possible, it’s best to prepare the ground yourself.
  • Using double glazed regular units. Additional costs can be added when using 28 mm units, argon filled or fitting Low-E glass.
  • Get as many written estimates as possible and try to negotiate a better deal at all times.
  • If possible, don’t build your conservatory during peak season for contractors such as spring and summer.
  • If you can find an ex-display model, these will go cheaper. Some installers usually have showrooms in which they display their models.
    If you stick to the fundamentals, a professionally equipped, affordable 3-3 conservatory for under £6,000 can still be achieved.

Different Conservatory Prices

What are the key expenses for a conservatory?

When it comes to 2020 conservatory prices, there are 5 basic considerations and guide price to remember which are:

Finishing – Usually, the finishing aspect of a conservatory is where people don’t realize that they’re wasting money on their property. If you are on a budget, you should consider a lot of aspects under these such as the lighting, flooring, heating, power, decorations and furnishing. Obviously, the more you put into your conservatory, the more costly it will be.

Size – Clearly, the size of your conservatory will have a significant impact on conservatory costs when you’re on a tight budget. This is especially true if you’re going for a P-share or similar design.

Design – As we’ve discussed before, the more complex your conservatory is, the higher the conservatory price will be and vice versa.

Roof – If you’re on a budget while building your conservatory, it wouldn’t be wise to choose a fully-tiled roof material. What you should go for instead is a double-glazed roofs conservatory which is made from polycarbonate panels or a tiled conservatory roof which is cheaper and you can surely save for conservatory costs.

Materials – When it comes to conservatories material, there are 3 primary materials used which is Timber, Aluminum or UPVC. If you’re on a strict budget, you should go for UPVC material instead of the other two.

Planning approval for a conservatory is one aspect of the cost that is often overlooked when building conservatories. Usually, planning approval is not generally necessary for average size or small conservatory, although you do have to obey the rules.

Conservatory Price

Extensions to the Conservatory: How cheap or costly can they be?

The basic idea of why conservatories are made is to extend the living space of your house. But some conservatories are created with a different purpose such as an extension of a kitchen for example.

One of the most popular types of conservatories is a kitchen one. This is because aside from providing more space for cooking, they also bring in lots of sunlight and meaning into the room. This makes your kitchen a comfy place for cooking and for socializing with guests and family.

But compared to an ordinary conservatory, it will be more costly to put up a kitchen conservatory. This is because you’ll have to buy and fit the new kitchen itself.


How much would a kitchen conservatory extension cost?

  • Full Height Glass Lean-to Conservatory
  • Frame & Roof Type
  • Guide to Average Prices 3500 x 2500 Lean-to
  • upvc, self-assemble kitchen, no appliances £7,500 to £9,500+ 3500 x 2500 Lean-to
  • upvc / basic kitchen / with appliances £14,000 to £16,000+
  • 3500 x 3500 Edwardian upvc / basic kitchen / with appliances £16,000 to £20,000+ 3500 x 3500
  • Edwardian upvc / bespoke kitchen / with appliances £20,000 to £30,000+


How much would a 3×3 conservatory usually cost?

A 3×3 conservatory is one of the most popular size for plenty of double-glazed conservatory installations. With this, you can find a variety of prices in the market.

How much would a 4×4 conservatory cost?

Usually, a 4×4 conservatory is often used where extra space is necessary or available. These conservatories’ sizes are roughly 4,000mm square. But even if the extra space would be nice to have, there’s a possibility that you’ll need planning permission for this. But this still depends on the size of your home or if you have any previous extensions made.

 Conservatory Prices - Bungalow

Conservatories Cost for Bungalows

It’s common knowledge and best explain that a lean-to conservatory is the most suitable for a bungalow since both the lean-to and bungalow have shallow rooflines. But this isn’t always correct. By just choosing from a variety of options, you as a user can find some other options than just a lean-to extension.

Many extensions of the bungalow conservatory are lean-to style, and they are designed such that the peak of the slope of the conservatory roof is no higher than the rainwater gutters on the house. However, you could take advantage of styles such as the Gable, Edwardian or even Georgian conservatory style by extending the height of the conservatory, and with some architectural flair labour.

So, to answer the question as to how much would bungalow conservatories cost – it all depends on the design. Even so, a standard bungalow conservatory may cost you under £6,000.


Small Orangery Conservatories and Glass Conservatories Prices

If you’re going for a Small Orange Conservatory or a glass one, these would not fall under a budget category for conservatories. This is because these 2 are considered as more of the bespoke styles of room.

The Orangeries has always been the go-to of homeowners or user who are looking for a more spacious room since they have the money to do so. This is because they don’t need to build a brick & mortar extension which is more laborious.

When it comes to orangeries conservatories, there are plenty to choose from as this style combines both traditional and modern aspects. In 2020, the conservatory prices of orangery have remained quite the same. You can find that they cost around £15,000 & £20,000.

On the other hand, glass conservatories or glass rooms are a more modern approach to the conservatory design. As such, they utilize “engineering grade” laminated glazing for the sides and the roof labour.

To answer the question of how much glass conservatories would go to nowadays, this depends on what materials you’re building. However, if you’ll not need a more professionally designed and bespoke glass conservatory, you’d normally find these prices:

  • Lean-to Glass conservatory 3.0m x 3.0m could cost in the region of £7,500 to £10,000
  • Victorian Glass conservatory 3.5m x 3.5m could cost in the region of £10,500 to £15,500
  • Loggia Glass conservatory 3.5m x 3.5m could cost in the region of £10,000 to £15,000

Of course, for the higher-end designer glass boxes, you’ll need more money. Because even a regular-sized 4×4 glass box conservatory can go upwards of £35,000.

 UPVC Conservatory House - Price

Conservatory Prices – Final Thoughts

Even if the prices and quotes roofgiven here are all rough approximations, there are a lot of recurring themes all throughout. For those with a budget, the best way to go with a lean-to design using UPVC frame or materials.

UPVC conservatories also stand well against the competition in terms of value for money. Although Oak conservatories and other wooden, solid or hardwood designs would be some wonderful options as well, they are usually priced higher in the market.

On the other hand, Loggia and glass conservatories can be a viable option for homeowners other than wooden if you look for something unique.