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Driveway Cost – Guide to Installation & Driveway Cost

Planning to have a new driveway? Well, just so you know, before you plan for an installation of a new driveway you have to be aware of its costs. This article will help you have a complete idea of the total costs you would pay.

Driveway Cost – Block Paving Driveway Great Option

Some people might think that a driveway could be very expensive where the opposite is not. Installation of a new driveway can have a lot of advantages in your home. It can really add elegance and appeal to your house and could be an eye-catcher to your visitors. However, you should plan the costs and make a budget plan for it.

Getting a new driveway could also mean a wide-space of the parking area, lower the chances of weed growth and could increase the value of your property. Don’t worry, we will talk about various ways on how to compute for the estimated cost of a new driveway.

Different Kinds of Driveway – Asphalt, gravel, brick & concrete driveway

What are Gravel Driveways?

Gravel driveways are done by loading gravel and levelling it to the ground. This is a cheaper version of the driveway but needs high maintenance like it needs to be clean always so you should remove all the dust and leaves that may be scattered all over your driveway. This driveway is not recommended if you have children at home because this gravel has a texture of sharpness that may harm their tiny feet.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Easy installation and it doesn’t sink or crank easily, can fit to any type of house design.


  • Not perfect for snow, can be moved easily, needs to be clean on a regular basis

What are Asphalt Driveways?

It is much cleaner than gravel driveways and many agree that it looks better than concrete driveways. Asphalt Driveway structure is more of an uneven surface that looks more like a tarred road. This looks better than gravel driveways because it is cleaner and much better to look at than concrete driveways.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • It is much cheaper than concrete, easy to fix, can adapt to various changes in temperature, quick-dry, and can last up to 20 years.


  • Black is the only colour you can choose, needs resurfacing on a regular basis, needs to be resealed every 3-5 years, low-durability.
    What are Concrete Driveways?

Concrete Driveways are the popular ones since they have been modified in different styles that absolutely look stunning. This kind of driveway has the chance to crack if not installed properly but can be clean easily and is very durable.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It can last for up to 40 years, doesn’t need resurfacing, you have colour options, and sealing is not necessary.


  • Can be damaged easily when exposed to low temperatures, expensive, and quite hard to repair.

Brick driveways
This driveway is also known as “paving” and is required to be installed correctly for it to last longer. Brick driveways are mostly used in residential areas and this can be substituted with a much easier to install driveways such as concrete and asphalt. Bricks from it can also be used up again as buildings if ever you plan to change it eventually or maybe change your yard. However, this type of driveway needs de-weeding in order to prevent the plants from damaging the driveway.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Easy to maintain, can be done by a DIY installation, a wide range of options to choose for the colours and textures, could last up to 25 years.


  • Requires resealing and needs to be clean at all times, quite expensive, and installation is required for the layering of cobblestones and bricks.

Factors that could affect the costing of driveway installation:

  • The amount of space that will be consumed upon installation of your new driveway.
  • Are you going to hire someone to fix your driveway or you’re just going to DIY?
  • How many working days in order to complete the installation?
  • What are materials that you will choose for your driveway?

How much is the local price for the materials you will use in the driveway?

  • What type of driveway you will choose.
  • The site condition
  • The necessity of having a landing clearing, do you need it or not?
  • The special equipment you might need.
  • Driveways could increase the value of your property which is a good thing because it is considered as an investment.
  • If you have plans to hire a contractor to install your driveway then make sure that before you pick one, you already have quotations from different contractors so that you can pick the one that is affordable yet quality service.
  • Here are some of the estimates for a new driveway.

Estimated Cost of a Gravel Driveway

For a 50 square meter, it typically costs around £1,080 up to £1,500. The cost for a very simple overlay will range from £20 to £30 per square meter. While digging needs to be done for your gravel driveway installation, then it could cost from £50 up to £60.

The factors that could affect the costing of installation for gravel driveway will depend on the size, special equipment needed during the installation, quality of materials, the type of driveway you want.

Soil removal could cost up to £78 per square meter and Installation of Geotextile membrane could cost up to £2,5 per square meter.
Estimated cost for sub-base
To have a durable driveway you need to have a good foundation of the base.

Therefore, selecting quality materials is very important. The costing for sub-base will depend on the materials you will choose but you could possibly pay for about:

  • £150 per cubic metre for crushed concrete
  • £146 per cubic metre for MOT1
  • £450 per cubic metre for a ready mix concrete
  • Saving Tip: Try to mix the ⅓ of the estimated cost of Ready Mix cement to site cement.

Estimated Cost of an Asphalt Driveway

Here in the UK, the homeowners are expected to pay at least £3,100 for an asphalt driveway. So if you have an area of 50 square metres, then expect to pay for a range of £1,250 to £3,000 depending on your location in the country.

If there is a required work of excavation in an asphalt driveway, the price you will pay on the average cost will range from £45 – £80 per square metre. If just an excavation, it will cost £65 per cubic meter. So if you want a lower cost which is around £45-£60 per square meter will be done through a not recommended kind of mixture which will not last long.


Estimated Cost of Brick Driveway

If you have a space of 50 square meters for a brick paved driveway, the cost will probably range from £3,000 to £5,300. If your chosen driveway does not necessarily need a base which is very simple will only cost £45 per square meter. £7,5 per square metre, for an additional laying course. But, if you need a more grand driveway, it will cost roughly around £100 per square meter. It could be higher than £100 if there’s going to be a sub-base and excavation.

Estimated Cost of Concrete Driveway

For concrete driveways that is 50 square meters will cost between £1,750- £2,500. If excavation work is required, you’ll probably pay around £35 – £50 per square meter.

Here are the estimated costs for the additional work you would like to be done in your concrete driveway:

  • Removal of the soil will cost around £67 per cubic metre
  • Sub-base for the concrete driveway will cost around £150 per cubic metre
  • Geotextile membrane will cost about £2,5 per square metre
  • Reinforcement will cost around £1-£3 per cubic metre
  • For finishing such as troweling will cost £2,800, for tamped it will cost £1,600, for power float will cost at £6,500

Edge of concrete driveways

Adaptable design: Concrete driveway has a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to colour so that you could get to pick the right colour that will suit your home. It can also be pattern stamped which is a process to make your concrete driveway look like a tile, cobblestone, brick, and other patterns with a higher cost of course.

Concrete driveways can be made into different patterns and styles which make it more versatile especially if you will use tarmac. You can also add concrete slabs for your driveway which could come into different sizes and make it more elegant if made with brick, stone, or slate.
Durability: Concrete is a tough one and it can last longer than another driveway.

It is very typical for a concrete driveway to last for up to 30 years and does not require high-maintenance. Though it will need some improvements such as repair and refinishing not all the time like the asphalt and gravel. Concrete does not require much resealing and resurfacing. Also, debris, snow, and dust can be clean easily on the driveway.

Economical Cost: The start-up cost for the installation of a concrete driveway is quite expensive but the maintenance costs for a lifetime is the cheapest compared to other driveways because you can use it in a longer period but with a low-maintenance cost.

Environmentally-safe: Concrete is composed of recycled materials and renewable materials which make it an eco-friendly than other materials used for making the driveway. So, when it reaches its lifespan, it can be turned into a concrete aggregate.
Free from harm: Concrete is made of an anti-slip surface, making the driveway safer especially if you have kids.

Gives light: Homeowners sometimes consider this as an added value to their driveway. Having a mirrored light could help in saving costs for electricity because it gives light at night which could help you see the intruders easily.
Estimated Cost of a Concrete Block Driveway

Typical Concrete Block Driveway would cost around £45 – £70 per square metre. The average cost of a concrete block driveway may vary depending on the materials you will choose, the size, and the labour.

Concrete blocks will usually cost for £9,5 per square meter, but this may vary depending on the style you prefer and the colour, also if you want it pattern stamped. Difference between block paved driveways and concrete driveways Various styles and materials used for block paving.

Block paving was first introduced in the ’80s, but in those times they only offer very limited options of colours and styles. Still, it became a hit and people were still excited for it even if it only had a few options. But as time passed by, the industry for block paving has come into different ideas and developed some advanced types of driveway, so that people could have a wider range of options.

What materials should I use for the installation of my block paved driveway?
Concrete and Clay are the common materials used for block paved driveway.

Here is the list of its disadvantages and advantages of Concrete block paving:

  • Low-cost
  • Various shapes to choose from
  • Blocks with texture
  • Sizes are accurate
  • Different choices of black depth
  • Colour fades in time
  • Exposure of aggregate over-time
  • Could last up to 20 years
  • Advantages of Clay block paving:
  • Higher cost
  • Hard to wear
  • Natural Colors doesn’t fade easily
  • Many patterns to choose from
  • High chances of moss growth
  • Very limited shapes such as square or rectangle
  • Quite hard to cut
  • Very limited options for block depth
  • Will definitely last longer
  • Choosing colours for your driveway

Choosing the right colour for your driveway is very important as it will add more value to your property. Who doesn’t want to have a pleasing house, right? Apparently, there is no such thing as the right colour, it will still depend on the driveway.

Look and observe with your surroundings, if you have a light coloured stone cottage or a cute lovely porch, will a dark colour such as black fit in your block paving driveway? Just like having an orange block paving driveway will go with a pink brick house?

So in order for you to have good matching colours, choose the colours that will complement each other instead of looking for a similar colour or contrasting colours. How to choose the perfect pavers style for your driveway
Considering your surroundings, especially if you live in a rural area and you have a modern design of the cottage, then a chamfered block paving driveway will not fit into it. So think about the design first before you even start the paving.

  • Four (4) different styles of blocks and bricks:
  • Rectangle-shaped
  • Decorative
  • Tumbled
  • Other special applications

Driveway Cost

How to pick the perfect shape of pavers?

Britain has a very common shape of paving if you just look around, which is rectangular. However, for some parts of Europe they use different types of shapes. But mostly, wherever you go, you can always see rectangles, so just for a change maybe you’ll want something different from it for your driveway.
The W-blocks and S-blocks are one of the most common shapes for a block paving. While “toothed” shapes can stand more with heavy traffic than the rectangle blocks.

How much is the average cost of a block paved driveway?

If you’re planning to install a block paved driveway and don’t want estimated costs, then you can proceed to contact the local paving companies for quotations. They can guide you and answer your inquiries. But, if you want to DIY it then better to go into a big DIY shop which could be cheaper.

How much will it cost for the foundation of a driveway?

A strong foundation for a driveway is really important because that will be the basis for its longevity. If you want to pave for your driveway, then better to choose the materials that could be expensive but will surely last for a longer period instead of choosing the cheaper one that will, later on, need some repair. If you’re thinking that you can save by choosing the cheaper costs for paving, then you’re wrong.

The best decision you could ever make is to invest in quality materials and contractors which will give you fewer problems in the future. So here are the estimated costs upon installation for various types of driveway foundations:

  • Mini Digger Hire will cost from £130 up to £160 each week
  • Skip Hire Costs will range from £20 and £80 each week
  • Weed Mat will typically costs about £40 per square metre
  • An 8-inch Hardcore Base will probably range from £35 to £65 per tonne
  • Rent for a Compaction Plate will cost between £23 to £30 per day

If you will choose the materials carefully, the type of driveway, the contractors, then you shouldn’t encounter such issues in building your driveway especially if it will perfectly suit your budget.

How to save-up for costs in driveway installation?

Research: Since there are different types of driveways, then you must have knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of each driveway. The overall costs will vary depending on the construction company’s prices.
Ask for quotation: You need to at least have an idea of the estimated costs in order for you to find the best fit for your budget that you can afford. So ask for quotations from companies that offer driveway installation.

Make a budget plan for the cost: Having the right budget for your driveway installation will help you achieve the complete look that you want or desire for your driveway. So make sure that everything you pick will be a perfect fit for your plan that your pocket can afford also.

Do-It-Yourself: For concrete and asphalt driveways, you have the option to do some of the work there or even complete the whole job by yourself except for the materials to be delivered.

Opt for soft materials: Having a flat surface on your driveway could help you save more on cost especially if you use loose materials.

How to choose the best contractor for your driveway

Be aware and more alert of scammers that after paying them in full, they’ll just vanish into thin air and leave the job incomplete. Always choose legal contractors from legit companies in order to be safe from scammers. Plus, the work will be done in a very efficient way.

Reading reviews from past customers of the construction company will help you have an idea of whether you’ll hire them for your driveway installation or not. While some companies are grabbing fake photos and you might believe that they can do the task completely wherein the actual work they are not putting their whole effort.