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A Guide for Choosing Horse Insurance

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

Compare Horse Insurance With Simply


You must find the right policy to cover what you need. 


With our UK panel of insurance providers, you can compare horse insurance


Whether you own a mature house that requires veteran insurance or yours is a pony or foal that requires young horse insurance. Also, you may have different horses such as a foal, pony, and even a mature veteran horse, in this case, the best policy to purchase is multiple horse insurance which can even be more affordable to buy from all the available options.


However, you may find cheap insurance policies that cover horses with a certain user from some of the specialist horse insurance providers. For instance, you may require quotes for horses for riding school use, a farm horse, a pet house, and others. 



Comparing horse insurance, rider insurance, and horse liability insurance in the UK. 


Usually, there are different options, and sometimes you only need the policy to cover the horse alone such as medical, health, and death insurance, only the rider of the horse or for public liability insurance or you may choose a cover that includes all the three. 


At Simply, our system is free and easy to use for horse insurance comparison. You only need to input your details on the quote form provided, then we will send your details to our horse insurance providers, they will get in touch with you to talk with you about the requirements. 



Is Simply regulated?


Yes, Simply is regulated. We and our network of insurance providers operate with the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority. 



Horse Insurance


Honestly, owning a horse could be expensive because a horse is an animal of luxury that taking care of it may be quite expensive. Riding equipment is not cheap either both for the horse and the rider. Whatever your reasons for purchasing a horse, whether as for shows or riding, it may end up as a huge investment. So, for this reason just purchasing a pet insurance policy may not be able to take care of the pleasures of owning a horse. Getting a specialized insurance policy for your horse could be necessary for you so that you can rest knowing that the coverage you chose is well suited for your animal. 



What Is Included In A Uk Standard Horse Insurance Policy?


Buying an insurance policy for your horse may as well start from when they are about 21 days and above or around a higher age limit of up to 17 years of your horse is a matured horse and you should conduct proper research before you choose to buy any horse insurance cover. A regular horse insurance policy may have some basic terms for death, loss, or theft of the horse. However, you may be able to include additional features on the standard insurance policy, also designed to meet the specific needs of the owner.


Purchasing a basic cover can also mean that you have cheap insurance for your horse but it may also be worth it if you can get more options that may be available. However, it could mean that it will include additional costs on a standard policy which may be beneficial to keeping your horse safe. 



Vet Covers For Horse


You know, vet bills for your horse can run into thousands of pounds, hence you need to be careful and ensure that you understand and acquire the most suitable horse insurance policy for you. As a horse owner, you need to consider the vet bills and the amount of money you can pay because as the amount increases, so does your premium. 


In UK, yearly vaccinations, existing health conditions may not be covered under the standard insurance policy, so you need to consider these costs and add them up into the conditions of owning a horse. So that your policy doesn’t become void, you need to state any health challenges that your horse may have or it may be existing before you purchase a horse cover. If you provide inaccurate information on your horse’s health conditions may make a claim become invalid and pose greater health risks for your horse. 



Stolen or Lost Horses


Horses are considered to be invaluable and easily attractive for theft. For this reason, you need to ensure that your horse is adequately covered in case of theft or loss. You should state it upfront so that it can be included in your quote as a potential policy buyer if your horse is of a very high value. 


So, if your horse strays, or is involved in an accident whether as a victim of it caused the accident, you should get a reference number for the incident or crime from the police so that you can make a valid insurance claim. 



Shopping For Horse Insurance


To get an appropriate policy on horse insurance, few factors come into the picture and it is not necessarily the horse itself or the value. Although horse insurance is not uncommon, it doesn’t mean it is the most popular or easy to get. As a result, it is not straightforward when searching for insurance but you can easily get an online specialist insurance policy. 


Comparing horse insurance should be considered as the first step if you are searching for a special cover. When you use online comparison, you can enter your criteria to get varying quotes from different specialized insurance providers. This would be easier for you to do than to reach out to separate insurance companies. 



Horse Public Liability Cover


In the UK, the law states that a horse owner is liable for damages and injuries that your horse cause to property or a person. As a result, it is an expensive kind of cover so it should be invariably attached to every horse insurance quote. This kind of claim causes financial ruin so it is better that you are prepared by taking the step of adding extra protection.



Owning More Than One Horse


You might own more than one horse, and you want to ensure all of them. Therefore, you may look for a multiple horse insurance policy that will enable cover under one policy for more than one animal. 



Horse Insurance Excesses


A claim involves paying due excesses, which is the same for all kinds of insurance.  Usually, a decrease or increase with your overall premium, so you need to take note of an acceptable amount for your excesses. Although like many people, you may not want to overpay for insurance, it is better than any claim you make is affordable to you considering your excesses so that you can quickly resolve any issue concerning your horse.