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A Guide for Choosing Horsebox Insurance

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

Work with Simply to compare horsebox insurance today. 


For every rider or a member of a pony club, you will be familiar with horsebox insurance as a form of equine trailer insurance that is only offered by a specialist insurance provider. As a result, it would be more difficult to find an online insurance horsebox that is cheap for you. 



Compare horsebox insurance from different insurance providers in the UK. 


Whatever you do, whether you are involved in the dressage or event part of it, you should be assured of affordable and competitive insurance covers that are readily available to you to cover your horsebox. 



What are the things I need to know about horsebox insurance? 


When you own a horse, you may need to move it from one place to another at some point. To successfully move your horse and keep it safe, you will need a horsebox that ensures that your horse is secured and fixed in one place. You can use a horsebox when you are going to and coming back from a horse event in the UK.


It used to provide a sort of cushion, familiar space, and comfortability for your horse when you are traveling. Just like all other types of vehicles that use the UK roadways, it is legally required that you purchase horsebox insurance to protect your horsebox from damage, being stolen or an accident. You would most likely own a horsebox as a valuable investment and for this reason, your horsebox must be safe at all times. 



What does a horsebox mean? 


Generally in the UK, to properly move a horse from one place to another, you need to do so in a horsebox joined with a cab or you could opt for a vehicle that carries an attached trailer separately. It doesn’t matter the type of vehicle that you own, it is mostly they are expensive in setting it up. As a result, getting the appropriate horsebox insurance is very important. You must also keep in mind that you may not be able to include covers for your horse that is kept inside the horsebox which will require that you get separate insurance for your animals. 



Taking a horsebox on the road


If you are using any road in the UK with a motorized vehicle, you would usually need insurance for it. When you have the correct horsebox insurance at hand, it most likely means you have a fully comprehensive cover, that is capable of protecting your vehicle against any mishaps and included third parties or you have a third party cover alone. 


Even though you don’t drive your horsebox on the road in the UK, you will possibly have to purchase some form of insurance policy to cover your horsebox except if your vehicle is considered to be off-road in the UK.   


The lowest legal requirement for an insurance cover is the third party only insurance. This type of insurance only offers insurance protection for extra party additional parties or in case an accident occurs. This could result in a horsebox owner paying out for repairs of the damage on the horsebox by themselves and it could be expensive, unexpected, and very difficult. A fully comprehensive cover or a third party fire and theft cover is the most ideal option with the former one providing a higher and fuller cover level. 



Horsebox Driving License Requirements


Before you plunge into buying any horsebox and even choosing to purchase an insurance coverage policy for it, you must research and find out the necessary driving license that you require. It would most often not be the same as that of a car license, so you must consider this and check it out. You need to have a valid and the right license for driving your vehicle type before you proceed to take out an insurance policy of any type. 


So that your insurance will not be rendered void, it is the case that all prospective drivers of any kind of vehicle they want to insure obtain the right license and any other required professional qualifications for driving such vehicle. It is often depending on the weight and the average load limit of such a vehicle, for this reason, horsebox owners must look out for this before they proceed. 


Some variations may apply in the case of UK horsebox insurance if the reason why you are transporting your horses is to do business probably in the case of hiring it out or to get rewards. However, this would depend on the horsebox owner to determine the type of horsebox insurance that is right for their situation. 



Shopping For Cheap Horsebox Insurance


Find suitable horsebox insurance for you may indeed be difficult. Nevertheless, of the easiest options for you to secure this type of specialized insurance is to look out for them online. You may not easily find horsebox insurance if you don’t know the right specialist insurance providers that offer the type of policy you need. But when you do an online comparison, you will likely get access to cheap horsebox insurance providers quicker and much easier. Comparing horsebox insurance may likely provide you with a range of quotes at the same time rather than separately visiting insurance providers. For this reason, you can access at a glance different insurance quotes that would be most suitable for you as a prospective insurance holder. 


Comparing quotes online is definitely time effective and it reduces stress when you are looking to get the appropriate insurance provider for your horsebox. Also, there is the possibility of adding additional features to your insurance policy according to your situation and what you require to be covered under the policy of your choice. 



What are the things to consider when buying insurance?


Just like every other insurance, some limitations and exclusions may need to look into. This may also be the case for horsebox insurance, therefore you need to check the terms and conditions for each, this is very important as much as you are buying a policy. 


You may also need to consider the individual driver’s age and the number of drivers that would drive the horsebox who may require insurance when driving your horsebox. You need to note that drivers who are less than 25 years old may not get automatic covers hence you may have to do more proper research and eventually it may result in you paying a higher premium. 


Consider the weight that the horsebox would carry, this is a determining factor with the weight being enough or equal to carrying a full horse size. Since a horse is more likely to be a large animal with a heavier weight, ensure that your horsebox has the power to carry the animal’s weight because if the weight is in excess, it could lead to the invalidation of an insurance policy. 


As a horsebox owner, you may need to also take into account your vehicle’s security so that you can reduce the risk of theft. For wheel clamps and or registration for the vehicle to be included in a database can be found as a feature for such policy which you may have to implement so that your insurance may be secured. 



Breakdown covers for horseboxes


There is no good time for your car to break down, it is such a great inconvenience for you at any time this happens. If your horsebox breaks down on the road while driving with no easy or quick access to getting help, it could lead to frustration. You may choose to include a breakdown cover for your horsebox insurance with an additional amount on your premium. This could be a good choice for you so that you won’t be a victim of being stranded in an unfortunate situation. 



Will I get cheaper insurance if I install a security system? 


In the world today, technology keeps advancing as a result the security system is also evolving with the creation of new and improved security devices. Some of these devices are designed to be used inside or outside a vehicle. Depending on your insurance provider, when you use different security devices to secure your horsebox, you are more likely to get some discounts on the premium you would originally pay for your horsebox insurance. 


Based on the insurer’s discretion, they would consider all the security measures you have personally put in place to make a decision on the discount to be removed from your premium which is suitable for your horsebox. 



Can I receive a discount if I am the only one driving my horsebox?


You can reduce potential risks for your horsebox, for instance, if you reduce the number of drivers that would be driving your horsebox and as a result fewer drivers to be covered in your horsebox insurance policy, some insurance providers may reduce the price of your premium. When the number of drivers is at the least, that means there would be less chance of making a claim which will minimize the risk resulting in offering you discounts on the total cost of the premium on your horsebox insurance.   



Does my UK horsebox insurance cover abroad?


If you are planning to drive your horsebox outside the UK, it may not necessarily have to include extra costs on your premium. This happens to be an optional feature added to your standard horsebox insurance policy. While some insurance providers may add it to the standard policy, you must consider checking the documents on the policy to determine if it is exactly what you have in mind. 



If my horse is in transit, can I get a horsebox insurance policy that covers it? 


It is quite unfortunate that there is no cover for your horse when in transit, this is the case for every horse insurance policy. You may want to look for additional cover for your insurance somewhere else. 



Am I covered when I am in horse shows and events? 


If you are correctly using your insurance for domestic, social, or for pleasure, you may expect to find an insurance policy that would offer protection for your horsebox. However, in most cases, some factors determine if you will get the required protection. In case you are not certain of this, check for more information on your insurance documents. 



Is driving other vehicles included in horsebox insurance? 


The answer is no. Horsebox requires a specialized insurance type and driving other vehicles is not included in your horsebox insurance policy. 



Does my horsebox insurance cover the windscreen?


Every fully comprehensive cover for horsebox insurance policies will likely include windscreen protection that will cover any replacement or repair costs for a damaged windscreen. However, in some cases, you may be responsible for taking care of excess by contributing to the amount of the replacement and repair, you will also get more details on this information in your policy documents. 



I have a horsebox of high value, can I still insure it?


You will find some insurers who specialize in a horsebox insurance policy and they provide horsebox cover for great prices even for quite a large number of horseboxes. You will also find optional add-ons that are available for you to choose from to make sure that your vehicle is adequately insured, using a cover that is suitable for your needs. You need to also discuss in advance with an insurance provider to be certain if you need to include the extra components. 



Do I need to get different quotes for one policy? 


At Simply, we offer the opportunity for you to compare a wide range of insurance policies for both your horseboxes and or horse trailers. By using Simply to compare several quotes, you get to save your time and reduce your efforts because you will get a display of the most fitting and affordable insurance policies for you in the same place. You will complete a form online that will guide us to provide you with the most accurate insurance policies for you, this is your option for easy and quick comparison for relevant horsebox insurance cover.