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Hybrid Cars – The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Vehicles

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Guide | 0 comments

Hybrid Cars – Electric Car or Hybrid Vehicle

If you’ve heard about electric cars before, another subject you might want to learn more about would be hybrids. If you have no idea and information about what they are or how they work, we will be more than happy to break things down for you. To help you out, we have compiled some important information and subject details to let you know more about hybrids, including the many different types they are available in the market today. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision at the end of the day. We have even included a list of some of the best hybrid cars these days right at the bottom of the page of the article.

With this, let’s get the ball rolling as we offer you this ultimate guide about hybrid cars insights.


What is a hybrid car?

Hybrid vehicles generally use both an electric battery and a combustion fuel engine, which either uses diesel or petrol for fuel. Both the battery and the engine are designed to work together so the car gets to move as effectively and efficiently as possible. While it functions, the battery also gets charged by the lost energy of the vehicle.

Lost energy gets created every time a car breaks down or if there is excessive usage of fuel. Different cars in the present economy tend to have a different focus on this aspect, you will want to go for the ones that will allow for the battery to be charged enough subject to the point where it is possible to get city driving done without any need or required for an external charging anymore.


Hybrid Cars - How it Works

Different types of hybrid cars

There’s just one single type of hybrid car out there. There are a number of them in the economy today and each of these vehicles is measure and designed to maximize the different components they are made of in a variety of ways to sell. Whether it is required using the battery and the engine to help power the car or using the engine as a means to get the battery charged, hybrid cars these days are known for exploring countless ways that emissions are considerably minimised. This benefits not only the driver but also the environment as well.

Series hybrids

With series hybrids, the wheels are being powered by the vehicle’s electrics device. The engine is then used as an instrument to get the battery charged and powered up. Hybrids of these types are very much like electric cars due to the fact that they are generally plugged in. At the same time, petrol is used for these types of vehicles to allow them to cover a much further driving range.

Parallel hybrids

As the name itself suggests, these types of hybrid vehicles utilise both engine and electric together. This means that a smaller battery is being used compared to the ones used in a series type. Parallel type hybrids enjoy the benefits of not only a much reduced weight on the vehicle but also a reduced cost as well. Since the vehicle features a smaller battery, it can be charged considerably easier through braking. This means that it won’t need as much recharging through plugging in.

Series-parallel hybrids

Considered as the hybrid of all hybrids, this type of system what’s prominently featured in the Prius by Toyota. However, more and more manufacturers these days seem to be adopting the same method. Series-parallel is designed to power the wheels in at least 3 ways— engine only, fully electric or both. If both are used, speeds that are below 15 mph and pulling away will be controlled by the electric motor. The rest will be the responsibility of the petrol engine. This allows for city-driving, where there are tons of starting and stopping involved, to become considerably cost-effective.


How do hybrid cars function? 

Hybrid cars are designed to function using the electric motors to put power towards the car wheels. Depending on what type of hybrid car you have, the function may be aided by an engine that is powered by petrol. In some cases, the engine may be used to get the electric battery charged the moment the power runs low.

Fuel usage of this type is meant to help minimise both the consumption but also the amount of carbon being emitted. The reason for this is that it is possible to get the car battery charged using the “lost energy” of the vehicle. Also, hybrid vehicles are generally more efficient compared to vehicles that are a hundred percent electric or combustion vehicle. The reason for this is because of the combination of the two fuels.


Best hybrid performance cars


 More people or car buyer these days are becoming more invested in the great measure and the role they play towards protecting the environment. As a result, electric vehicles and hybrid cars are fast becoming the preferred option of vehicles for an increasing number of motorists and vendors. Arguably, in the battle for supremacy between the more eco-friendly cars, it seems that the hybrids are gaining a great upper hand against the electrics.

People are anxious over the limited range of the electric cars that are available to sell in the market these days. With hybrids, however, buyers need not have to worry about it. This is because many of the top manufacturers these days are investing energy, time and effort towards a measure in creating hybrids alongside their great exclusively fuel-guzzling offering. This means that buyers get to have more and more options compared to before if they so choose to go for the hybrid option. If you’re interested in such a car, which of the ones out there should you consider choosing?

Below are some insights of the best hybrid cars for 2020:

BMW 330e

Hybrid Cars - BWM 330e

Expect to not only experience the best drive but also one of the best aesthetically-pleasing cars out there today. BMW’s 330e is indeed a highly superb car that everybody would want to own. Being behind the wheel of this notable beauty is quite a break and fun— something that not a lot of people are quick to associate with plug-in or fully electric hybrids. But it is and it definitely delivers in terms of looks and performance. The battery-only range is 36 miles which is quite notable. It’s hardly a surprise how it came up at the tip of everybody’s preferred hybrid car of 2020.

Skoda Superb iV

Hybrid Cars - Skoda Superb IV

This is one hybrid car that has effectively lived up to his name. The battery boasts a range of 34 miles and the turbo-charged engine holds up to 1.4 litres. The boot space is quite considerable and the interior space is notably large. What’s really notable with the car is the fact that it has managed to get as much power packed into the vehicle without having to sacrifice that much space.

Toyota Prius

Hybrid Cars - Toyota Prius

This is perhaps the top hybrid car out of the ones on the list that will offer you the best number of miles per gallon of fuel consumed. Toyota’s Prius is perhaps the best hybrid vehicle out there you can purchase. Not only does the vehicle come with considerable space, but it also offers good value and review as well. If you’re looking for the perfect car for your city driving, this is one best option that isn’t going to disappoint.

Volvo XC90

Hybrid Cars - Volvo XC90

This is one offering by Volvo that has indeed stayed true to the maker’s name. Not only is it safe and practical but driving this hybrid car is quite effortless. The electric mode is only able to offer a total of 25 miles for mileage, the presence of the combined engines will really highlight what the XC90 is made of and its power is quite notable. If there is one thing that may be considered a disadvantage review for this car, it is the fact that it actually comes with a hefty price tag of £66000.

Kia Niro

Hybrid Cars - KIA Niro

A hybrid that is designed as the Prius’ rival, the Niro comes with a number of gadgets that are meant to showcase its dominance. It comes with a variety of impressive features. For instance, it has a charger for wireless smartphones and has a number of USB ports. Unfortunately, this does make the car seem to look like it is trying way too hard, especially in areas that many a driver may consider to be not as important. However, it should be noted that it offers quite a comfortable drive and it has a personalised roomy interior. Unfortunately, getting out of the back may be a bit of a struggle. Also, the actual performance of its miles per gallon isn’t as notable at 56 mpg, especially when compared to the Prius.