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A Guide for Choosing Import Insurance for your Car

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

Simply’s Guide on Import Insurance for your Car


UK Insurance provider vs. Import car Insurance 


Some insurers will not provide cover for imports even if it is a European version of some UK cars, as it can have a left-hand drive.



What is unique about import car insurance?


Insurance fittings can also be distinct on imported cars. Most especially, if there have been any modifications done to it making it more complicated to insure. This is because of the replacement done on some parts of the foreign cars which will be making it difficult to find in local areas like here in the UK. Therefore, it will be more expensive to have a replacement if there are damages or accidents occur. Japanese import and USA import insurance are some of the examples where these issues can arise.



Is import car insurance often expensive?


It is always important to look around for more options for your imported car insurance, as some insurers can propose better rates than others. That is where Simply can help you! We will put you in touch with insurance providers who will offer you a wide range of insurance services, entailing great deals on imported American cars, even for those with left-hand drive.



Is it easier to get your imported car an insurance quote with Simply?


Simply can help you take all the hassle out in finding an affordable Japanese import car insurance quote by putting you in touch with the reliable panel members of our UK insurance providers.



Compare our import car insurance quotes and you can start saving today!


Import Car Insurance guide


It can be said that recently there has been an influence in the motor marketplace in purchasing a car from outside the country. This fashion has typically seen buyers looking in different places just to purchase their next car and also leaning towards importing their next new vehicle. It can be said that this part is driven by the expense as this imported car may be way cheaper than a UK version. For the most part, the possibility of a higher specification of an import vehicle can mean that UK car holders are recognizing more for their money on a car import.


Due to the improvement that the import procedures had been expanded, there has been a rising demand and popularity in importing cars. One example is when purchasing a car from Japan going to the UK. However, there can be some significant considerations to understand before doing so and importing a new vehicle. You can start by evaluating the all-around running costs of this kind of vehicle. There you will discover that imported car insurance could be much higher than a regular vehicle.


When exploring the pros and cons of purchasing an import car it is possible to find that cheaper import car insurance policies can be far and few between the possible purchase savings for an import car may cost more than the ongoing expenses for import car insurance.


Meanwhile, finding the import car policy that is right for you can also mean that there are some particular amounts to be saved through importing a vehicle so there are options to consider.



The rate of an import car insurance


When purchasing a car from anywhere, one of the major concerns may be the rate of insurance available. This can be particularly true when planning to import a vehicle and these are some of the different reasons.


With an imported car you may find it much harder to source parts in the circumstance of repairs or servicing. This can make the all-around cost of repairs much more costly than a UK vehicle and will also contribute to a higher premium.


Due to the distinct specifications of overseas vehicles, this can also suggest that they can be driven faster and thus could raise the odds of an accident. This increases the dangers for insurers and therefore can impact the rate of import car insurance.


An additional factor can be that imported vehicles could be created differently than a UK model. Such as, it can be a left-hand drive or have any other distinctions. You should also be aware that this type of element can impact the price of the vehicle and also the premiums.


Making sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions can also be the best way of getting the most applicable policy.



What sorts of imported cars are available?


Buying a vehicle overseas may appear to be a cost-effective choice but this could rely on the kind of imported vehicle purchase. Generally speaking, the possibility of the classification of which an import car falls will dictate the rate of the UK import car insurance. The two major types of import vehicles tend to be known as parallel imports and grey imports.



Parallel Imports


This type of import car can be produced inside the European Union. It is easier to find import car insurance as they tend to have the exact vehicle criteria like those cars that are made in the UK. It will be more straightforward to find cheaper import car insurance in a parallel import as the insurance companies are more familiar with insuring this sort of vehicle.



Grey imports


This type of import car is normally constructed outside the European Union, which means that it doesn’t comply with EU standards. For example, a Japanese import can be considered as a grey import. It can be possible that many insurers may decline to insure a vehicle ranked as a grey import or will only be possible at a much higher rate. A higher premium usually involves the expected price of vehicular parts if they were to be required in the later period.



Searching a good deal on imported car insurance


For those clients who are interested in keeping a low cost on their imported car, it can be very important that they will compare import car insurance earlier for them to evaluate what deals are available for them to grab. It might be possible for the costs to curve up quickly when importing a car, which is why obtaining a range of quotes can be very useful.


Using a comparison company to search for a UK quote for your import car insurance can be a beneficial way of getting specialist cover. We could agree that not all of the insurance companies can offer this kind of cover which can be counted as a benefit of using a comparison service. They can identify insurance companies that can assist you without the hassle of calling lots of companies one by one.



Saving up money on importing a vehicle


Being aware of the specification of an import vehicle will likely help you get the most accurate quote from an import car insurer. It is also possible to keep the cost down by choosing a model with a standard specification instead of a more sporty selection. It is also necessary to notify the insurance company of any vehicle modifications when searching for insurance quotes. Avoiding a car with tons of changes and modifications could support in keeping costs down. Paying a higher excess on an imported car insurance policy can also boost to maintain the insurance expenses lower and thus be more affordable.