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Items You Need Inside Your Car as Required by Law

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Guide | 0 comments

Items You Need Inside Your Car as Required by Law

When driving a vehicle in other countries, for instance in Italy or France, there are specific laws and regulations you need to follow when it comes to specific items that you need to have with you inside the vehicle at all times.


What if you’re driving in the UK? Are there specific laws that you need to abide by as far as carrying specific items inside your car at all times when you’re driving around?


Not legally specified in UK laws

While a lot of people will argue about the specific items you should be having inside your car when driving in the UK at all times, you’ll be surprised to find that UK laws do not really specify about requiring you to have a certain item in your cars with you.


A lot of people often end up taken aback by this as many genuinely thought that there must be some legal provision somewhere that requires this. For instance, many probably thought that the law requires you to have your driving licence with you at all times inside the car. But this isn’t actually the case.


While it is true that police officers may ask you for your driving licence any time but you don’t necessarily need to have it with you whenever they require it. It isn’t a violation if you are unable to produce your license at the time that the police officer asked it of you. You can just present it at the police station no later than a week.


As long as you present the licence within the 7-day period, then you are good to go. Failure to do so, however, is considered an offence and can even result in prosecution. However, when it comes to not having your licence with you at the time that the police officer requires it, there is no legal violation committed there.   


Of course, the best way to save yourself from the inconvenience of having to drop by the police station to show your licence is to make sure that your licence is with you when driving the car.


Other essential driving documents

There are a number of pertinent documents that you might want to keep with you at all times when driving your car. However, just like your licence, know that the law doesn’t really require you to keep them within arm’s reach when in your car.


Another common document that a police officer may ask you during routine checks is your MOT certificate or your car insurance certificate. Just like with the driving license, the same rule applies here. If you forgot to bring yours with you at the time that it was asked, just see to it that you visit the police station within the next 7 days and show it to them.


Your glove compartment is a very handy part of your vehicle that’s perfect for keeping pertinent papers and documents that may be asked of you when you drive around. Making sure that these documents are kept inside your vehicle at all times ensures that you won’t have to go through the hassle of dropping by the police station.


Also, in the event that you lose any of these pertinent papers, the best advice is to get them replaced the soonest you can. It may just be a piece of paper but the content and information of what’s inside may lead to serious problems if you’re unable to produce them when you are required to.


Are cars’ spare tyre required?

Back then, keeping a cars’ spare tyre in your vehicle all the time used to be a requirement that drivers have to abide by. This ensures that replacing a punctured tyre would be easy and fast enough to do.


Today, this isn’t the case anymore. It’s become a common practice among manufacturers to just provide tyre sealants for cars as well as inflation kits as these can help offer a temporary solution for those instances when you experience a puncture while on the road. The tyre replacement can just get done afterward once you reach your destination.


Other important equipment to have in the car

As you have probably realised by now, there’s really no specific UK law that requires you to keep certain item list in your car and equipment at all times when driving around. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ensure that you will at least have certain equipment and things in your vehicle that might make it easier for you to handle different situations when you travel on the road. This is especially true when you expect to go on a long drive so you’ll have something you can fall back on in the event that you encounter certain issues or when your car breaks down.


Among these equipment are:


  • A spare tyre along with a jack device that can be used when changing tyres
  • A hazard triangle, the same one that is legally required when you are in France
  • A jacket that’s high-visibility in the event that you may have to step out of the vehicle in locations that are not properly lit.
  • First-aid kits— you’ll never know when you’ll need them
  • Your mobile phone device along with a charger
  • Torches
  • A physical map just in case your GPS fails or you get on places where there isn’t coverage
  • Blankets, for those instances when you may need to spend quite some time inside the car, especially when driving  in the winter months


Remember that while there are no specific legal provisions  and label that require you to have all these things inside your car every time, you’ll still want to make sure you have them handy. After all, they would help save you from so much trouble for those instances when you experience a breakdown on the road.