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A Guide for Choosing Kit Car Insurance

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

Compare Kit Car Insurance Quotes From UK Insurance Providers


For the majority of people, there is this desire to own an item that is distinctive or one of a kind such as a vehicle or a car. This has resulted in the creation of various Kit Cars all over the world and a lot of different Kit Cars are now sold in the market. On the other hand, having that distinction of being different or unique goes with a cost. It’s even more difficult to get a Kit Car insured compared to buying a new one for it will take time and will go in numerous procedures. 



Will you purchase a kit car for yourself?


If you would like to purchase a Kit Car and build it yourself, have it insured first. This is to avoid future conflict especially for there’s a possibility that there are existing owners before you along with some documentation requirements or legalities. The manufacturer should guide you on how to insure their product as well as you ask for people who have done the same procedure for they will be your good source of information. Learn from them and you can follow their lead on how you can insure your Kit Car successfully and with less hassle.



Getting your Kit Car Insured


An insurance firm can easily gain access to every piece of information it requires to evaluate the value of a typical vehicle. However, they don’t have that authority when it comes to Kit Cars. Therefore, assessing the quote for the Kit Car premiums might be difficult. Due to its uniqueness, there are no Kit Cars that are considered the same. 


So, you are required to provide the breakdown of the Kit Car’s specific features to the insurer such as the model, make, registration, engine size, and your purpose of using it for it will have an impact on your premium. For instance, will you use it as a hobby car, perhaps intended for your regular use, or show it off in the racetrack each week? If you will only use it occasionally, temporary insurance is the best fit for you. 



What type of car insurance policy suits you? 


There are numerous types of car insurance for your Kit Car provided by insurance companies but the one that suits you greatly depends on your current situation and on how you are going to use the car. On the other hand, be wary because most insurers will pay based on what they perceived to be the market value of your Kit Car. 


This can be hard to just agree to the price set by the insurance company when you already have invested a huge sum of money for your Kit Car. It’s important to read and check all the Kit Car insurance cover before you decide to pay for a car insurance policy. In this way, you can calculate the total amount that you will receive just in case bad things will happen. 



What’s the coverage of a Kit Car insurance policy?


A Kit Car insurance will provide numerous benefits that are commonly found in a car insurance policy including accident, fire, and theft among others. On the other hand, an excellent Kit Car cover will also provide things like:


  • Spare parts coverage with an increased limit


  • Build-up coverage for the protection of your car including its parts throughout the development


  • Salvage retention enables you to buy back the car parts just in case it gets written off


  • Agreed valuation when your car gets stolen or written off. A few insurance policies will pay the agreed value as opposed to regular car insurance wherein they usually pay on what’s the market value of the car


When assessing the Kit Car policies, you must take into account the following:


  • Age constraints – A handful of policies are only being offered to those who are more than 21 years old.


  • If you are planning to use your Kit Car for a race, you will be paying an additional charge for the track days cover.


The car insurance coverage differs from each company, so it is to your advantage to have a policy comparison from insurance companies to see which of them has better offers before you buy insurance. 



Is kit car insurance an affordable one?


Whether you are a young car owner or perhaps your car possesses a strong motor, you need to provide this personal detail including the info about your car on our online form. We will then submit these data to our insurance provider panel for assessment and they will contact you with a possible quote associated with your Kit Car.   


Kit cars are usually possessed by people who are into bespoke cars. Some Kit Car types that you can insure are Robin Hood, Locost, Caterham, Westfield. Here in Simply, we are concerned about our customers to get the ideal cover for them. Check on what’s the right cover appropriate for you with the help of our quotation form that’s just easy and free to use. With this, you can see how much money you can save. Do a Kit Car insurance quotes comparison today!



Simply’s Comparison for Car Insurance


Simply aims to provide assistance in finding the right coverage along with their respective prices that fit your budget. We fully understand how much effort you have invested in building your customized Kit Car and how valuable this possession is to you. Simply will make your life easier by connecting you to various Kit Car providers that offer insurance for your security and satisfaction. 


Take note, before you use your Kit Car, ensure that you have insured and taxed it before you actually use it on the public roads. You can even research prices to discover a great selection from various car insurance providers to pick the best among the rest that suits your preference, budget, and needs. But with Simply, you don’t need to do all of that anymore since we are the ones who will do that for you. We give you the quotes you need in just one click.