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Car Buying Guides — Motorbike Insurance

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Levels of Coverage


There are three levels of insurance coverage in the UK, namely; 

  • Third-party motorbike insurance: Legally, this is the least requirement for every motorbike that operates on the road. The level of coverage may cover damage that you caused to a third party with your bike in an accident. If you, the owner of a motorbike is found legally responsible for damage in an accident, you are responsible for the total cost in repair or replacing the vehicle, medical bills if any for the third party. Nevertheless, if the third party is legally responsible, the insurance does not include their vehicle or for any medical bills.
  • Third-Party Fire And Theft Bike Insurance; This insurance covers the third party and offers a payout if your motorbike is stolen or damaged from a fire. 
  • Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance: This covers for third parties, theft, and also fire incidents. The comprehensive package covers repairing or replacing, medical bills, and every other expense for an accident caused by an insured motorbike owner. 


Motorbike Insurance Groups


Insurance providers divided motorbikes into different groups like cars and the standard premium price depends on the group the motorbike belongs to. Unlike cars which are divided into about 50 groups, motorbikes are lesser. According to the insurance providers, they may have from 17 to 22 different groups. Similarly to car insurance groups, the lesser the group number of a motorbike, the lower the premium. 

These groups are determined based on the power, price, level of performance including such bikes’ spare parts availability and the period of repairing them. 


Usage Classes


The category a motorbike will belong to is also determined by the owner’s use of the motorbike. These four classes are commercial: for a business, courier and delivery services, social use, domestic, and luxury. Your premium costs are based, the categories that require more use as the commercial may have higher premium prices.


Special Coverage; 


Special coverage offers insurance to a specialized set of people and vehicles;

  • Classic: Classic motorbike insurance is cheaper than most standard insurance since it is not used often. The owners of these motorbikes take better care of them and cannot be easily stolen. 
  • Modified Motorbike Insurance: Modified bikes may look attractive, perform better, and more powerful but this might cause an increase in your premium costs. The cost of repair is also more expensive. 
  • Convicted Young Or Rider Insurance: They are grouped under high-risk classes and as a result, you have to pay more premium. Convicts and young motorbike riders may not easily get insurance except they use a specialized insurance provider. 


Optional Extras


You can choose your motorbike insurance from different policies according to your needs and preferences. You will get to choose another rider, covered when using your bike, your passenger and when you ride another bike. 


Comparing Policies


There are a lot of factors that determine premium costs, so comparing insurance for your motorbike online may be tedious. Some key factors include your riding experience, age, your motorbike performance and power, and where you park your motorbike if not in use. 

You should also consider the category the different insurance providers put your motorbike. Grouping motorbikes do not follow a standardized pattern as in that of cars, so the categories may differ from one insurance provider to another which will also affect the premium price. 


Reducing Premium Costs


In determining premiums, there are many things insurance providers may consider as a result, you can save money on insurance. You can consider the following tips if you want to get cheap insurance for your motorbike;

  • Choose a bike that has lower performance, so that you can get a cheaper premium
  • Consider upgrading your motorbike security. If you keep your motorbike in a secured garage, or any other locked up place, you may likely get a lesser premium than if you keep your bike outside, in your yard, or in the driveway. 
  • Although, third party insurance may be significantly cheaper than the comprehensive cover but not in every case. You may be able to find comprehensive cover at almost the same price as third party insurance. 
  • Modifying your motorbike is likely to increase your premium because it becomes more complicated for repair and may not have readily available spare parts
  • If you have completed training with organizations such as the Institute Of Advanced Motorists or British Motorcyclist  Federation, you are likely to be eligible for a lesser premium. 
  • Including other riders under your insurance policy may increase your premium cost. 
  • If you have not made any claim for several consecutive years, you are more likely to get substantial discounts on your premium. So, it is often beneficial to pay for small repairs out of your pocket than to make insurance claims often.


In conclusion, keep in mind that insuring your motorbike has two different motorbike insurance excess amounts. While one may be mandatory, with a set value by the insurer the other one may be a voluntary insurance excess, you are responsible for the value you desire to buy the insurance. When you are comparing quotes, choose a higher excess, as a result, you will save on premiums but you may also pay more from your pocket for an insurance claim.