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A Guide for Choosing Motorhome Insurance

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

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What You Need To Know About Motorhome Insurance.


Exactly like the case for every other vehicle insurance, insurance for a motorhome is generally a legal requirement if you are a motorhome owner in the UK. Like any other insurance, you can also get different cover levels which depend on the type of vehicle that you have, the particular details of your vehicle, the model, and frequency of usage, all these factors could result in helping you find a cheap insurance policy for your motorhome. 


As a motorhome owner, you have the freedom and pleasure of traveling across the United Kingdom, saving you the stress or worry about accommodation while on the road. Motorhomes flexibility of travel plans for groups, families, or individuals, allows one to take vacations whether as a long trip or stay close to home without worrying too much. 



What is categorized as a motorhome? 


Generally, you can refer to any vehicle that has a separate accommodation, a living space that is not in the same area as the driving space or attached to the cab as a motorhome. They are classified into different categories, include; American RV, Compact, Micro, A-Class, Campervan, and others. In the world of insurance, insurance companies may provide policies for some or all of these various classes of a motorhome, however, you must ensure that you check the type of motorhome you intend to cover. Some motorhomes may require a specialized insurance provider especially if they belong to an unusual class. 


You must also keep in mind that it is highly unlikely for you to get an insurance policy for self-constructed or DIY motorhome conversion. It is more possible to get an insurance cover for a professionally built motorhome by a motorhome company than the self-built type. 


Also, as for an RV owner, you may want to consider getting a more specialized American RV insurance policy instead of the motorhome insurance from the UK because these providers may operate different policies when providing their services. 



What Are The Levels Of Cover That Are Available For Motorhomes? 


Just like every other standard car policy, so are the available options for you as a motorhome owner. There are options of third party fire and theft, fully comprehensive and third party options. For some people, a motorhome might be a valuable investment which makes it require a fully comprehensive policy. Although this may be considered as a common option, checking out other options and comparing them may be helpful for you, particularly if you are concerned about the price. 


If you will likely share the driving of your motorhome with anyone else apart from you, then it is wise that you include them in your motorhome insurance policy so that this other person will benefit from any cover you choose as well.  


Just like most of the insurance products in the market, you may get a payable excess on any claim you make. Which is most likely going to be shared under a voluntary and compulsory excess. In the case of a high voluntary excess, you will most likely get to pay a lower premium which is payable. However, in case the worst situation happens, you must consider that this could happen and how you would provide funds for this high amount in case you have an emergency. 



Exclusions On Motorhomes 


Usually, depending on your insurance provider, with different companies having their exclusions their policies may not have to be disclosed to incoming policyholders. These exclusions include but are not limited to; 


  • Claims in a situation whereby you are using your motorhome as a permanent home or for a profession.   


  • In the incidence of wear and tear on your motorhome


  • Stealing or losing of content items to theft without the proof of a forced entry. 


  • In the case of a mechanical or electrical breakdown of your motorhome. 


Considering the insurance company, you are likely to be able to get cover for some extra items in your motorhome insurance policy. So before you commit to anything, it is better than you make proper inquiries to get these things added in any given quote. 



What Type Of Motorhome Do I Need?


Before you decide to buy a motorhome, you must ensure that you have analyzed your available options, based on the type that would fit into your budget and the purpose for getting one. Also, you must keep in mind that driving some motorhomes may require that you get certain licenses and certifications. 



What To Look Out For When Buying A Motorhome


Unlike buying a car, there are more important factors to consider before you make a purchase. You must ensure that you consider the different parts and the components of the motorhome. For example, it may be fit mechanically but the fittings and fixtures may not be functioning properly. As a result, you may have to spend more than you planned for out of your pocket to fix these things. Check out some things to watch out for when you are looking to buy a motorhome; 


  • Carrying passengers in your motorhome – In a normal motorhome, there must be seat belts to properly secure all passengers. However, some motorhomes only include seat belts in the seats that are in the cabin. So, if you are buying a motorhome intending to have extra passengers, you may want to buy a motorhome with fitted seat belts that would be enough for all passengers before you travel in your motorhome. 


  • Storing the motorhome in your home – If you plan to store your motorhome in your house, in a garage maybe, you would be protecting it against some natural elements, thefts, and damages which would help you to save on the cost of maintenance and ensure it retains its value. In case you are not able to build a garage or any form of storage structure on your property you may want to consider local storage space. Ensure that this place too is adequately secured and backed by the Caravan Storage Site Owners Association. 


  • Maintenance and servicing – A lot of motorhomes perform lower average mileage when compared to other vehicles. They usually cover longer miles in a short time but they still need regular servicing and maintenance even if they are not in use for most of the year. Ensure you check properly, the history of the motorhome before you buy the vehicle. Find out if it is used with care, and in good shape, and it is worth the amount you are buying it.  Check the tires to determine their tread depth, ask the seller for receipts from servicing it, to know if it is a stolen vehicle. Check the windows and the doors of the vehicle for evidence of been tampered with. 



Securing Your Motorhome


If you have good security for your motorhome as the owner, insurers would see your motorhome as a lesser risk. If you can show that your motorhome has additional security already existing you are likely to get a discount when you purchase a motorhome insurance policy. You should also keep in mind that, if you leave your motorhome unsecured, your policy could become void as a result of this hence the need for you to be aware of every terms and condition that concern the security of your motorhome. 


You may also want to take further security measures by installing in your motorhome, anti-theft gadgets, removing items and devices that are not permanently attached to your motorhome when you are not using it, and every other extra work to make sure your motorhome is more secured when it is not in use would help you in the long run.  



Looking For A Motorhome Insurance Policy?


You may want to do an online search when you are looking to find the right motorhome insurance policy for you. From this, you will get varying quotations from different insurance providers. Additionally, when you conduct a comparison search for your motorhome insurance policy in the UK, you would get different results that meet your needs all in one place. It is not often that you go in search of motorhome insurance, this is why a lot of people use this means to compare motorhome insurance to make it less stressful and to save time. 


Looking for the best insurance policy for you online may not be uncommon and it may help you to take note of the right policy instead of having to contact many insurance providers via phone calls which are not guaranteed to take you anywhere. 



Getting A European Union Cover Or Breakdown Cover For Your Motorhome 


A major reason why many consider owning a motorhome is to take it on trips, either near, within the city, or across Europe. As a result, you may want to consider the need or not for a European cover, which helps you out when traveling across Europe. Before you embark on a journey with your motorhome when your destination is outside the UK, you must take into account the insurance implications. 


It could be very simple to have breakdown elements in your motorhome insurance policy which depends on your insurance provider. You may include this as a feature when you are comparing quotes. It could be a great inconvenience for you when your motorhome breaks down so adding this breakdown cover to any policy you choose is a wise investment choice. 



What Else Do I Consider When Buying Motorhome Insurance?


Before you commit yourself to buy a motorhome insurance policy, you must check the terms and conditions of such a policy so that you have a full understanding of what you are committing to. You will see from the terms and conditions if the details of such policy are what you are looking for and what you need for your motorhome, and if the policy has a cover for all your requirements.