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New Boiler Installation Explained — Cost Guide Know the Latest Prices in 2020

Complete details concerning the installation of a new boiler can be hard to come by, most of the time. if you’re planning on getting a new one installed in your home, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by the wide array of varying information that is available online. Not to worry though, as we have made things easier for you. Whether you’re facing the prospect of a complex conversion process or are considering a combi swap, we list down everything you need to know about boilers.

New Boiler Installation Costs for 2020 — A Guide

It can be confusing to find out how much it would really cost you to get a new boiler installed. This is especially true if you’re doing so for the first time. Even those people that have had the chance of getting a boiler installed in their home in the past will find that so much has changed in terms of the choices available and the prices attached to these options.

By now, you’re probably asking yourself how come boilers can be so incredibly cheap to costing as much as a mortgage worth. So, why the huge price gap?

An important point to remember: You’re not required to buy the boiler from your energy or gas provider.

Interested in knowing how much it would cost you to get a new boiler? Learn what it would take to get a boiler replaced and the corresponding costs.


How much is the cost of a new boiler replacement in the UK?

How much a new boiler will cost will be largely dependent on the kind of boiler you wish to get replaced. In the UK, the most common boiler type for replacement is the gas combi type.

Costs for new combi boilers: £1500-£3500
Getting a new combi boiler installation may cost you between $1500 and $3500. The price is also going to be affected by your preferred boiler type as well as how long the warranty is. In addition, the complexity of the installation process will also affect the costs involved and you will also need to cover for labour costs, which can vary significantly, depending on which part of the country you’re from.


It’s also important to remember that:

If the boiler installation is just a straightforward job, then the costs would significantly be around the cheaper spectrum. If the job involved happens to be a bit more complicated, then expect that the prices involved will reflect accordingly as well. Oftentimes, most people needing to get a new boiler installed often pay costs that are nestled somewhere in the middle range.

P.S. We offer new combi boiler fitting at £1695, no matter where you are in the UK. We can get it done within a day too. You can get a fixed quote here.


Understanding combi boilers

Combi boilers stand for a combination boiler. It is designed to control not just your heating but also your hot water supply as well. Its makeup allows it to deliver both on-demand and instantly where the setup no longer needs a hot water cylinder that needs to get heated up beforehand. Compared to immersion heaters, combi boilers tend to be more efficient, which is why they will always be worth upgrading to.

Combi boilers have since been every homeowner’s dream. It’s a two-pack combo that offers efficiency and convenience rolled into one, making it an ideal must-have for every UK home.


Costs for combi boiler installation

The fixed price we offer assumes that all you need is a direct swap from your old or broken boiler. In addition, the costs for a new boiler will also involve expenses such as wireless control, boiler filter, chemical cleansing, as well as a proper gas safe installation among others.

Investing in a top-quality boiler will mean that you will sleep soundly in the years to come. In the years that we have been involved with boilers and boiler installation, the Viessmann has always come as our top pick.

In particular, we highly recommend Viessman’s Vitodens 050-W as a boiler with the right price point. It even boasts of features that beat the Worcester Bosch.

Costs for system/regular boilers— £1500-£3000
A new system or regular boiler can cost you between £1500 and £3000. The overall costs, however, is going to be dependent on several factors such as the length of the warranty, the manufacturer of the boiler, controls required, how many valves and pumps are needed to get it fitted as well as how complex or simple the whole installation process is.

Compared to combi boilers, system or regular boilers can only function when there is a cylinder for hot water. The costs mentioned above as mainly for the actual boiler unit alone and will not include the costs involved if the cylinders need to be replaced.

Are you interested in making a monthly payment for the boiler? Getting a financing arrangement set up is a good idea. Click here to get a rundown of our financing guide.


What are system or regular boilers?

For the purposes of this discussion, we will combine both system and regular boilers into a single breakdown.

As a buyer, what you first need to know is that these types of boilers are different from combi boilers and that they’re going to require their own water cylinder, which is usually situated in the airing cupboard and a water tank which is often situated in the loft in order to work.

It’s also notable how they don’t provide hot water instantly. However, these types of boilers are ideal for larger homes that require a higher demand for hot water. It is also ideal for settings where multiple bathrooms are present.


Costs for installing system/regular boilers:

The overall costs involved in the replacement of fixed boilers assume that what needs to be done is just a straightforward swap. Also included in the figures are boiler filter, chemical cleanses, as well as Gas Safe installation among others.

Costs for converting regular boilers to combi boilers— £2500-£4500 UK owners who are currently on a traditional boiler often aim towards getting their unit upgraded into a combi boiler. However, not everybody has the means to cover the hefty costs that are usually involved.

It’s important to understand that conversions can be quite complex and one must be ready for the equally hefty costs that will be involved.

How much extra costs do you need to cover?

Part of the costs involved in getting a boiler converted is getting the old boilers along with the water cylinder removed. The costs will also involve getting the new pipework fed into the location where the new combi boiler will be fitted in and of course, it will involve the actual costs of the combi boiler unit.

However, this is just the simplified version of things…

The whole process can be quite a big job— in some cases, even requiring a couple of days’ work. Engineers may also be needed to complete the job.

Just to give you a rough idea of how much the extra costs are going to be, expect to pay around £800-£1200 additional expenses on top of the overall swap costs.


Costs for new boiler conversion:

The fixed price for a new boiler conversion assumes that what needed to be done is just a simple conversion job. The costs involved covering the expenses involved in getting the existing boiler system and the boiler filter chemically cleansed, getting the heating controls upgraded as well as registration.

Looking for a boiler quote? You can use our calculator to get an instant quote of how much a new boiler will cost.

For the conversion of a regular boiler into a combi boiler, note that it is possible to get any boiler from any manufacturer fitted, provided that it will have the correct dimensions and specifications and that it will also possess enough power that will meet your specific hot water demands. It helps to do a bit of research on the right-sized combi boiler for your home to ensure that the one you choose is indeed appropriate for your day to day needs.

New Boiler Installation Explained

Costs for converting a back boiler to new combi boiler— £3000-£5000

If there is one important point you need to remember about broken back boilers, it’s that there’s no point in getting them repaired. The best and most practical option is to get them replaced completely.

There’s just no way that a back boiler can be repaired whilst also following modern standards and regulations. This is why, for broken back boilers, the best option is to get the system converted into a modern combi boiler.

At Simply.co.uk, we apply a fixed and transparent cost of £395 along with the regular costs we charge for a standard conversion. To set your expectations, the costs are likely going to increase if you choose to buy from a national company. This is why when shopping for costs, it’s never a good idea to settle for the first one you get.

To convert a back boiler, expect that the work involved will be significantly similar to any standard conversion. This means that the existing system will be removed entirely. This is followed by getting the new combi introduced into the system. The necessary pipework will also need to be fitted in as well. However, the bulk of the cost is generally due to how to back boilers tend to be located right behind the fireplace, which makes for a rather tedious removal process.

A number of installation companies and installers aren’t really a huge fan of the whole process. Many have even practised setting their prices so high to the point where customers get discouraged to even try getting the idea into fruition.

You might want to check out our full guide on moving a boiler to get an idea of what truly is involved in the process. If you have a radiator that gets cold along the bottom, you may have problems with the boiler valve or your heat exchanger is probably faulty. This means that it will be most practical to get the new boiler replaced. You may want to consider the Greenstar 30i by Worcester Bosch. You can actually purchase one through us.

Case study: Converting a Baxi Bermuda to a combi boiler When converting any type of back boiler, the upfront costs are generally very discouraging. However, once you get past that, you’ll find that the benefits it comes with, you’ll reap in years and years to come.

If you wish to know what you can expect after your back boiler gets replaced, below are just some of them:

  • Significantly reduced energy costs
  • Allow you access to instant hot water whenever you need it
  • Minimise your carbon footprint
  • Improve the overall safety of your residence
  • Improve your property’s resale value
  • Even save your marriage, whilst you’re at it

Wondering about what your options are if you have a house with a back boiler but which conversion costs are way too much for you to cover? Not much. You might just as well consider selling the property.




Top factors that will influence the overall costs of a boiler replacement

If you’re concerned about the overall costs information involved in getting a new boiler fitted in, it would involve the cost of the actual boiler unit and the costs for labour. That’s oversimplifying things, however.

Here, we list down the top factors that are likely to affect the costs involved in getting your new boiler fitted in.

Boiler cost— £400-£1200

Perhaps the most crucial aspect to the installation process is the price of the actual boiler. If you’re aiming for a quality boiler, then expect the price to be several hundred, even more than a thousand. The actual numbers will be generally dependent on the boiler model, quality, brand, and kW size.

Installation/labour costs £600-£1500

This involves the expenses you need to cover when hiring a company or a gas or heating engineer to get the installation work done. Costs to install tend to vary depending on which business you choose, whether you go for a company or a person, whether you go for a national provider or a local one, where in the UK you reside, the length of time it takes to install  boiler as well as how many engineers are needed for this purpose. Combi swaps will generally take less time than a back boiler conversion so they will cost less.


  • Swap labour costs: £600 to £800
  • Conversion labour costs: £1000 to £1500

Note that there are providers that will charge a hefty commission for the work they do. So, always ask for several quotes before making a choice.

Costs for vertical flue— £300-£600

The boiler flue is this large pipe that is fitted into the boiler that leads from the unit towards outside your residence to ensure that flue gases and condensation get pumped outside of your interiors instead of in.

In most cases, if the flue is able to leave your interiors horizontally, then there shouldn’t be any additional costs incurred in the process. However, if you have flues that tend to leave the premises vertically, then there will be more work required for your roof which means added costs.

Costs for a plume kit— £90-£130

A plume kit serves as an extension kit to the flue of the boiler. It is necessary for those times when the flue happens to be way too close to the door, window, or even another property. It is legally required to ensure that the Gas Safe regulations are effectively complied with.

Besides, even if it were not legally required to have one, the absence of a plume kit could mean your air quality will be similar to the rather woefully polluted London air. So, it is indeed a necessary part of the boiler installation process.

Costs for upgrading the main gas pipe— £250-£400

It’s common for older heating systems to have gas piping with only about 15mm in width. This hardly meets the 22mm that modern regulations have set. As such, if you have an older system at home, you may need to get the pipes upgraded to the appropriate size and this, of course, will mean additional costs for you to cover.

There are also instances when some units have lead pipes and some will be in a state where it is necessary to get some replacement carried out because they can no longer serve the specific purpose they were intended for. In most cases, for example, copper piping is the most ideal choice.

At Simply.co.uk, we’ll never charge extra for upgraded pipework. Other installation companies out there would only be too happy to add the costs to your bill.

Be on the lookout for certain tradesmen who will not take into consideration the need to get the pipework upgraded. The work they do isn’t legal since it does not follow the necessary safety regulations. Always see to it that you only deal with licensed installers.


  • Costs for a typical gas upgrade: £250-£400
  • Costs for a Simply.co.uk gas upgrade: £0

Costs for boiler relocation

If you plan on getting the boiler relocated to another part of your property, be aware that the process can be quite expensive. On top of that, there’s intensive physical labour involved as well. Add to that the fact that you need new fittings and fixtures along with additional pipework, it is crucial that you consider this option along with other alternatives before you decide.

It is always more practical to leave the boiler where it is now and only consider relocating it when there is a pressing need to.

Also, if you’re hoping to save on your monthly heating bills, investing on a smart thermostat is something worth looking into.

Costs for upgrading the heating controls— £100-£300

Gone are the days of having to manually switch the boiler on or off. It’s common for the more recent boiler units to include some upgraded controller. The cost this will add to the overall figure you need to cover will depend on the brand and type you choose.

Costs for upgraded warranty

An extended warranty, especially a 10-year one is something that only trusted manufacturer partners can offer. Whilst this would mean added cost on your part, it does offer additional reassurance and peace of mind. If you’re asking whether it is an added cost worth covering for, the answer is always a resounding yes.

Excited about a seeming bargain deal you stumbled upon? Always check the warranty period first or you might end up with a questionable offer.

Costs for a magnetic boiler filter— £100-£200

Filters are fitted into the pipework and are crucial for the boiler’s protection. Powerful magnets are used to help trap small metal and dirt particles to prevent them from getting into the unit. Otherwise, they may cause considerable damage to the unit that can even lead to leaks.

The best boiler installers will see to it that the costs for fitting the filter in is included in the quote they will provide you with. We do and we also make sure that there aren’t any additional costs for you to cover.


  • Cost for magnetic boiler filters: £100-£200
  • Costs for our magnetic filter installation: £0

Costs for chemical flush— £100-£150

Flushes are most useful at keeping your system from clogging as it gets rid of any existing sludge in your heating system. If not cleared out, sludge can prevent the hot water from efficiently flowing towards the radiators. This is why if you notice that your radiators seem to feel cold around the bottom, it can be a sign that you require some deep cleaning.

There are numerous types of flushes that are available out there. For instance, you can get the most common type which is the chemical flush. If you wish to go for a Powerflush, expect the costs to be around £500. However, you might want to tiptoe around Powerflushes since it requires forcing high-pressure water into your old heating system. In most cases, this may actually do more harm than good.


  • Costs for chemical flush: £100-£150
  • Costs for our chemical flush: £0

Cost for new radiator — £100-£150

When fitting in a new boiler unit, always make it a point to check the overall state of your heating system. This means paying attention to your radiators. Over time, they can be prone to wear and tear. If you happen to have an old model, they may no longer be as efficient and hence, could result in a dismal performance. In this case, looking into more modern and the latest options is always a good call.

How much a new radiator will cost depends on an array of factors including its design, material, size as well as how many exactly you need.

New Boiler Installation Explained - Cost

New boiler replacement costs

A number of factors can affect how much the final costs for getting a new boiler replacement.

The list we provided above should only serve as a guide to give you an idea of how much the price range is likely going to be.

Wondering how you can save on new boiler costs? Here are some of the things you can do:
Old boilers tend to be very inefficient that for every £10 you’re spending in running it, you may actually be saving £4 if you decide to chuck it out and get it replaced with a new one.

New boilers, especially combi boilers, are generally more efficient compared to the older units. They tend to come with modern features and intuitive, smart technology which makes it considerably easier to ensure that they will meet all your heating needs.

In addition, they can contribute towards reducing your fuel consumption whether you use LPG, gas or oil.


Why is it so expensive to get a boiler installed by British Gas?
A lot of people often wonder why our pricing and that of other providers like British Gas tend to have such a massive divide in between. We’re quite surprised about this scenario too, especially since in the case of British Gas, their boiler installation services tend to be hundreds more than what their other competitors charge.

The only reason we tend to charge a significantly lower service fee than our competitors is that we don’t really have a huge overhead to pay for. We don’t have call centres and we don’t need to pay for the services of a number of engineers to carry out the work we do. We don’t spend money on marketing either.

If you’re worried that this might mean that our service will leave much to be desired, you only need to refer to our score at Trustpilot and you’ll realise that based on the reviews of our customers, we offer a service that is far more superior than our bigger competitors.

New Boiler Installation Explained - Prices

Does the installation cost include labour costs?

The boiler installation costs we offer already include the price of the actual boiler unit. It will also include the costs for the work that the gas and heating engineer will carry out.

Compared to other boiler installers, we offer a fixed price guarantee. This means that whatever price we have quoted is going to remain as is.

We understand how annoying it can be to get a boiler installation done and have an engineer come to your home and then just add more numbers to the overall expenses more than the price you were quoted for. This is the reason that our service is designed to ensure that common complaints like these can be duly avoided.

If you require additional work, expect that this will already be included in the fixed price. For instance, a straight replacement will require less work and time than a boiler conversion, so the quoted price will also be lower.

How long do new boilers last?
On average, new boilers are expected to last, on average, for 10 years. However, this will depend on how well it is looked after and maintained.

Boilers need to be annually serviced and the task needs to be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. This will also ensure that the boiler will remain properly maintained and that it is going to be kept in its optimal working condition for a long time.

In addition, you need annual servicing to avoid getting the warranty voided. A warranty ensures that your manufacture will cover any issues that the boiler might experience during the period that it is still in effect. This is why keeping the warranty is always going to be worth it.


New boiler costs can be quite complicated but if you know what things to consider before making a decision is essential.

The prices involved can vary considerably, ranging from £1000-£6000. The final numbers will generally depend on the type of work you need as well as your installation provider of choice as some do charge higher than others.

To ensure that you will get the following, no matter what it is you‘re expected to pay:

  • Full labour and parts warranty that you’re happy with
  • Fixed pricing where there aren’t any unnecessary extras added once the work commences
  • System flush
  • Magnetic boiler filters
  • Check the reviews the company has been getting prior to making a commitment

Take the time to look into all potential options available for you. Ask for several quotes too before making a decision so you know you’re not getting the short end of the stick this time.


Get deals, tips and insider secrets on the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Stay ahead of the curve on what’s in style and where to find the best bargains


Get deals, tips and insider secrets on the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Stay ahead of the curve on what’s in style and where to find the best bargains


Get deals, tips and insider secrets on the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Stay ahead of the curve on what’s in style and where to find the best bargains