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A Guide for Choosing Public Liability Insurance

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

Public Liability Insurance with Simply



What to know about Public Liability Insurance


Public liability insurance is a type of business insurance.  It protects you in case your business is brought to court by a client, a customer or a member of the public. This protects you from compensation claims, and legal costs, if you injure a third party including death or damage their property. 


If your business is sued, public liability insurance will cover the cost of your legal defense, plus any compensation or settlement money you have to pay out. You’re covered whether you’re at your premises or working off-site. You’d have to be found legally responsible to be liable for the costs, and for your insurance to help cover the bill.



Do I need public liability insurance?


If you’re a business owner the chances are you’ll need it. Public liability insurance covers your costs if someone else sues your business – and without cover, unexpected legal costs could bankrupt your business. You should consider public liability insurance if you own business premises that members of the public, customers or clients visit.


This includes businesses where people are regularly on the premises, such as shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.  Liability insurance isn’t required, but most businesses should have some type of liability insurance.



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Your guide to getting a Public Liability Insurance


We all know that running a business can be a tough work. As a business owner, you know you have to look after your employees. It takes long hours and extensive planning to safeguard your business’ growth and success, and you don’t want to be left blindsided by the unexpected. 


On top of that, you also have a responsibility to look after your customers, suppliers and anyone else involved in the business. For this reason, public liability insurance is one of the most important considerations when starting up or maintaining a business.



What are the business or profession that should consider taking out public liability insurance?


Virtually all types of businesses can benefit from holding appropriate public liability cover. This includes retailers and shopkeepers who owns or operates a retail store will need more than just public liability, but it will certainly be an important part of the overall insurance package. You should also consider a public liability insurance if you are an electrician. Electrical damage, which can also lead to fire damage, can result in expensive claims being made against you.


Also, cleaners or gardeners are one of the important profession to avail a public liability insurance. Anyone running a cleaning business or working as a cleaning contractor will need to have public liability insurance in place and as a gardener working with tools, including power tools, can lead to injuries or damage if not used with care. The risks for cleaners are quite high, with claims for slip and fall incidents and property damage leading to potentially high payouts. Most cleaners working with real estate agents or cleaning venues such as shopping centres will find that public liability insurance is mandatory for them.


Even taxi drivers should consider it, because you we’ll never know if you have an accident and a passenger is hurt, you’ll likely need to pay compensation. If you work with councils or local authorities, you’ll be expected to have cover.


There are dozens of risks that are faced by businesses in the hospitality industry every day and night. So if you own a pub, cafés, restaurants and bars check some public liability insurance suitable for you. This can cover customers if they are injured on the premises, or fall ill after eating from your menu.


There are more business or professions not listed above but it is still true that most business types can benefit from public liability insurance.



What are the different type of claims does the public liability insurance cover?


When accidents happen, your business could be responsible for paying compensation under many circumstances. Public Liability insurance can cover compensation claims made against you for injury or property damage to third parties such as your customers, suppliers or any other member of the public who comes into contact with your business.


Public Liability insurance can cover the cost of pay-outs and legal fees if your business is sued by a third party which include members of the public, customers or clients, but not your staff. This typically covers the Loss or damage to property, including covering the loss or damage of a third party’s property that was in your control or while you were performing your service. This can be damage caused by you, your employees or anyone working under your supervision.


For example, a workman knocking over a table which breaks an expensive ornament. As well as loss or damage of goods in your care. It also covers injuries on your premises, for example, if a third party falls over while visiting your business, you’re covered. First aid costs can also be included. Even compensation payments for third party injury or death can be covered. Legal expenses that might arise from defending any claims or settlement of a claim are also expected to be covered.


And lastly, one of the key area in the coverage are during accidents when trip or fall resulting in an injury. For example, if a customer visits your shop and slips over on a recently mopped floor, breaking their leg. Should they make a claim, you could be held liable and find yourself subject to an expensive lawsuit. In these kinds of incidents and similar situations, public liability insurance can help you resolve the problem.


Always keep in mind that if you deal with the public on a regular basis, you should seriously consider public liability insurance. It is your responsibility as a business owner to make sure that members of the public visiting your premises are as safe as possible.