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A Guide for Choosing Quad Insurance

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

You can now Compare quad insurance quotes for various UK quad insurance policy providers. 


Because a quad is a non-standard vehicle, finding an insurance policy for such bikes may be difficult, most especially if you are taking them on the road. At Simply, we offer quotes comparison from our network of insurance providers in the UK. 



Let Simply relieve you of the stress in finding quad insurance for your quad bike. 


We work with a network of insurance providers that will give you quotes for quad bikes such as;

  • Leisure quad bike insurance


  • Modified quad bike insurance


  • Sports quad bike insurance


  • Buggy insurance 


  • Utility quad bike insurance


We understand the need for you to get cheap quad bike insurance that is pocket friendly and meet your needs which will provide cover for you against every incident. 



Compare Quad Bike Insurance Today


Keep in mind that for you to drive a quad or before you can be given access to use public roadways, you need to have a B1 license, tax insurance, registration, and quad bike insurance. Also, because quads belong to a specialist insurance market, you must find good insurance so you need to make sure you compare as many insurance providers you can get as possible. So, whatever the kind of quad bikes, be it Polaris, Honda, Yamaha quad, you can use Simply to compare different policies from various quad bike insurance providers so that you can find a policy that fits your circumstance. 



You can fill a quick online form today to help you get started


To use Simply is very fast and simple. All you need to do is fill a one-page form online and input details of your quad bike then Simply will try to match you with an appropriate member of our network of insurance providers, who will then reach out to you directly to talk with you about your insurance over the phone. 



Compare quad bike insurance quotes today and see the amount you could save! 

Guide on purchasing a quad bike insurance. 


Quad bikes are becoming increasingly popular with not only farmers or people who work in the agricultural industry but with other people who would consider it as an alternative to other vehicles like a car or motorbike to use for the pleasure of off-roading and other related leisure activities. Also, quad bikes are special vehicles in nature, which means that they should be protected by purchasing specialist insurance. 


Keep in mind that, although some quad bikes are not meant for riding on the road they are also referred to as roadworthy vehicles, for this reason, it is a legal requirement to have quad bike insurance in the UK. 


Quad bikes are not in the same category as the normal insurance types like the case of cars and motorbikes even though quads are also regarded as motorbikes. Due to the special form of quad bikes, a lot of motorbikes and car insurance providers may likely not want to insure quads. For you to get quad insurance as a quad bike owner, you must directly contact a specialist insurance policy. 


To speak widely, we can classify quad insurance under two major categories. Firstly, we have one that is quite similar to a type of insurance that covers motorbikes and cars offering the same insurance coverage level that is applicable for these forms of standard vehicles. If you are going to ride your quad bike on public roads. The other category involves insurance policy for quads that are off-road and are not meant to travel on public roads. 



Coverage levels for Quads that are used public roads 


For on-road vehicles, there are three different levels of cover for quad insurance provided in the UK. These three levels are the following;


  • Third-party only insurance could cover for you as a quad owner for any form of damage that you caused to another person or their property while you are riding your quad bike. If as a quad owner, you are found to be legally responsible for an accident, you are likely to be held liable for any damage caused and all the costs that are involved will be paid by the insurance. However, this will likely provide payments of medical expenses if there are injured victims who are third parties and also for the damage done to their vehicle. Also, this kind of insurance may not cover the damages or loss that the quad owners suffer for themselves. This type of insurance cover level is the least cover required by the law for any on-road vehicle. 


  • Third-Party, fire, and theft as the name implies, involves a third party coverage and provides cover for any loss that is caused by theft or fire. 


  • Fully comprehensive quad bike insurance could provide insurance cover for third party, fire, and theft. It can pick up from where thirty parties end and include cover for your losses as a quad bike owner if you are involved in an accident and you are found to be legally responsible for the accident. 



Getting insurance for your off-road quad bikes 


If you have a quad bike that cannot be driven on public roadways, there’s likely going to be an added insurance category that covers a variety of other options. As part of a standard policy, these options may involve theft and fire to be a component of the standard policy which does not have to include a third party insurance policy. For this reason, considering an off-road insurance policy may be more affordable for you but you should know that if you have this insurance, it means that your quad bike will not be used on public roads, so you must be definite about the use of your vehicle before you choose to buy an insurance policy. 


Also, you must understand that it means as a quad owner if you wish to travel with your vehicle, because of your type of quad bike you must find a way to transport your quad bike without driving it in on public roads. The only exception is if you can get a temporary extra component on your insurance that will cover your bike to be used on the road. 



Optional Extras


Unlike the case for other vehicles, quad insurance doesn’t have such extensive optional add-ons. Quad owners who own off-road quads may particularly enjoy the benefits of including damage caused by accident cover or a personal injury cover because these are not a part of the standard insurance package for off-road vehicles. Both quad owners of off-road and on-road bikes are likely to enjoy a breakdown assistance insurance policy. 

Age Requirement for quad insurance


Generally, quad bikes are regarded as a higher risk more than any other vehicle. This results in the fact that many quad insurance providers will normally refuse to offer insurance for quad riders that are below a certain age, sometimes between 18 – 21, depending on the insurance company. 


Also, it could happen that some quad insurance providers would expect that as a quad owner you must be fully licensed to ride your quad bike and if you possess only a provisional license they may not be willing to offer you insurance.

Comparing Policies


It is not uncommon to see that many insurance providers consider quad bikes as a high-risk vehicle, and you would get a premium for your quad bike at a higher amount compared to most cars and motorbikes. For this reason, it may be necessary for you as a quad owner to take out time to compare quad insurance policies online from various providers so that you can find an insurer that would offer you the best deal that you need. 


Another possibility for you to think about if you are a quad owner could be probably adding up your quad to your home insurance instead of choosing to separately purchase an insurance policy for your quad bike. This may not be possible for every home insurance policy but in case it is available, it is a very much cheaper option compared to taking out quad insurance. You should also keep in mind that this situation can only be applicable for off-road quads because any vehicle that will be used on public roadways must normally have third party vehicle insurance. 



Reducing the cost of premiums


Many Insurance providers usually consider quite a several factors before they determine what the premium on insurance would be, so for this reason you can get an opportunity to save money on your insurance policy. For you to get cheap quad insurance as a quad bike owner, you may need to consider the following info;


  • Quads that are high performance and quads that are capable of carrying pillion passages usually include a higher premium. 


  • One very important factor that you must consider is the issue of security. Quad bike insurance providers usually calculate premiums based on the level of security your vehicle has. If you own a quad bike and you keep it locked up in a garage when not in use, you are more likely to get a lesser premium than if it is kept in a driveway or somewhere besides the road. 


  • Just like every other kind of insurance available for vehicles, as a quad bike owner, you are likely to qualify for a discount as no claims. This can only be achieved if, after many consecutive years, you haven’t claimed on your quad bike insurance. 


  • Although off-road insurance is cheaper, this does not limit how you can use the vehicle or where you can ride it too. 


  • Quad bikes are becoming increasingly high risk because they continue to be targeted for thefts at a higher rate. For this reason, to qualify for quad bike insurance you may need to have adequate security put in place. Ideally, you should keep your quad bike locked up in a garage when you are not using it. Inclusively, you can add extra security devices like a fitted ground anchor with a lock and chain, this would help to improve your quad bike security and as a result, your insurance provider will most likely offer you a cheaper premium. 



All you need to know about quad bikes


It is generally accepted that quad bikes are such a unique and special vehicle carrying their own separate risk for the owners, riders, insurance providers, and even the general public. For this reason, you need to take out insurance from a company that understands how this vehicle works and how to properly use it. 


Because of the above-mentioned reasons, the government also has its own working set of rules regulating how you must use your quad bike. Some of these things you need to know include;


  • Your quad bike must be approved, registered, taxed with valid insurance that you can use when using any UK road


  • Because quad bikes are not meant for roadways, they are not termed as legal and they are considered unsafe by road safety standards. So, before they can be used on the road, they have to be tested and approved for a type before they can be found for safe use on the road. 


  • If you are only going to use your quad bike off-road, you may not need to register or tax it. However, registering your off-road quad bike in the government register will help the police and make their work easier if your quad bike is stolen. Also, make sure that you get the right insurance for your quad if it is for off-road use. 


  • Although it is recommended, as a quad rider you don’t need to wear a helmet, and passengers are allowed only if the quad bike has room for passengers. 


  • If you are using your quad bike for agricultural or horticultural purposes, you are not required to pay a vehicle tax, however, you still have to register it for use on the road with valid insurance in place. 


Because of the nature of a quad bike as an unconventional vehicle, it is advised that you do a lot of research on the rules and regulations that are controlling the use both for safety and legal requirements before you start riding.