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Replacing Windows Explained – Costs & Benefits of Replacing Windows

When you decide to install replacement windows on your home, you’re also getting many benefits such as reducing energy bills. That’s why it’s just safe to think of the costs it will incur as this can go in the long run.

Replacing Windows Explained - Costs & Benefits of Replacing Windows

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This helpful guide on replacing windows is designed to answer which is the best time to do it, how much it will likely cost, and what other benefits it can offer.

When to Replace Windows

First of all, check your manufacturer’s warranty. If you are still entitled to this privilege, it’s natural and a good time to consider getting new windows. This is because you can rely on the manufacturer in dealing with any issues arising with your windows problem. Just remember that you still have to observe following the terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, there are other clear indications suggesting to replace your current windows with new and modern frames window. Once you replace them, you will eventually feel the benefit. Here are the indicators suggesting you need to replace your windows:
When it has been installed for about 15 years

Just like most parts of a house, windows will start to degrade after a couple of years. It may not look obvious but the comfort of your home is affected. This then decreases the value of your home by increased energy bills and noise levels coming from the outside.

If you have the windows around your house installed for more than 15 years now, you might want to consider modern replacement windows because they have high levels of efficiency, not to mention they are also aesthetically pleasing.

The frame material used in your windows can tell the exact amount of time your windows are likely to last. Also, it may vary according to the type of weather it had to withstand and how windows have been maintained.

Draughty windows

During a cold season, you don’t want drought in your home since it will make you feel much less comfortable. But the real problem you might be missing is that drought makes your central heating work harder in order to keep the warmth and ventilation around your home. This, unfortunately, results in higher energy bills.

So if you are hesitant about replacing your windows due to its cost of instalment or credit, think about the money you can save in the long term by reducing energy bills on a daily basis.

Absence of double-glazing

Windows with single-glazed fittings only are expected to lose about 20% of the heat coming out from the house, which leads to higher energy bills. This problem is fixable or preventable by using double-glazing that prevents the warmth from escaping the house and light from coming in through your windows. Therefore, this is natural and a factor to consider in replacing your windows.

If your house’s glass windows were installed decades ago, they are most probably installed without double glazing. Many houses were built with only one window pane made of glass which separates your home from the outside.  But with double glazing, a home can benefit in several ways:

  • Keeping warmth inside the home during winter
  • Cooling the home during the summer
  • Prevents high energy bills
  • Reduces the audacity of noise inside the home

Free Replacement Window Quotes: Get your quotes and compare each price.

When windows are not opening

When your windows at home are not opening or dysfunctional, it’s high time to consider replacing them. During summer, opening your windows to let air and light in for saving energy is the first step to a cozy home. Aside from that, have you thought of your windows as an escape route in case of a fire?

In case your windows have uPVC frames, consider replacing them before or during hot weather as this material can warp and make the windows difficult to open.

Windows that won’t lock

As part of safety features around the house, a lock on each of the windows is necessary. If any of the window locks are not working, you must consider replacing your windows as soon as possible. Meanwhile, many types of locks are repairable. But sometimes, if you opt to do this on old windows, you might end up spending more money than just replacing the whole windows.

Broken glass

Replacing a window with broken glass is not as expensive as that of a full window replacement. So once you notice it on any part of your window, you must consider replacing the glass as you see fit.

 Replacing Windows Explained

The Benefits of Replacement Windows for Your Home

As aforementioned above, there are some benefits of getting your windows replaced. Now, let us discuss how these benefits truly promote comfort in your home while reducing energy bills.

Reduction of heating bills

If your windows allow the heat to escape your home, then your central heating system will have to work even harder by generating more heat to warm your home. Your energy bills will then increase dramatically as a result.

Replacing your house’s windows is one of the best and most cost-effective methods in insulating your home and for some energy-saving reasons. This way, you as a consumer and your family members will feel more comfortable staying at home.
At first, you might think that the initial costs for replacing windows are holding you from getting installation quotes. But remember, your existing windows might just be costing you money day by day.

Less-hassle maintenance

Modern windows are designed to require much less maintenance when compared with older windows. Some replacements window are made from the frame material which might just need a wipe down occasionally.

When choosing a specific type of replacement glass windows, self-cleaning glass is advantageous as it needs easier maintenance, it does save some energy.

Home safety

Replacement windows undeniably offer a safer home by having functional locks installed into the new windows. It also comes with double-glazing, a vital component of a durable window.

Reduction of noise

Houses in the city or along the roads often have a noisy environment. If you want to stop the noise and light from coming into your house, then replacing your windows is a good decision. Installing modern windows with double or triple-glazing can greatly minimize the noises coming inside the house and make it peaceful as it should be since you cannot hear the conversation outside.

Manufacturer warranty

Aside from the above benefits, another good thing about installing new windows in your home is that you are entitled to a manufacturer warranty should anything go wrong about it. Generally, warranty periods take from 10-15 years, long enough to give you peace of mind that you deserve. In case an issue arises with the windows, the manufacturer can help you out with the situation.

If your windows at home are no longer covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, this is a good indication that you might have to replace windows and readily install them.

Increasing house value

When you sum up all the benefits we have discussed including lower energy bills, house safety, and manufacturer warranty, we can therefore say that installing new windows helps make your home a high value. In case you consider selling it in the future, it will appeal to smart potential buyers.

Types of Replacement Windows

By this time, you may have already decided to install replacement windows at home. Now, you’ll need to decide what material the frames of the windows are made of.

The most popular option is uPVC windows. It is less expensive but longer-lasting when compared with composite, aluminium and wood which are costly.

Timber is considered the most sought-after material in which replacement windows are made of. It upholds efficiency and traditional charm but comes at a cost.

Benefits of Timber Window – What to Consider

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Expensive material
  • Environment-friendly
  • Has a tendency of rotting if not maintained properly
  • Strong material
  • Can warp over time if they are well- maintained

Aluminium is an undeniably durable material that has an aesthetically modern look. Here are some of its specific benefits and special considerations:
Benefits of Aluminium Window – What to Consider

  • Security
  • Window condensation (no thermal break)
  • Lengthy lifespan
  • Can be expensive
  • Help to lower your energy bills
  • Not aesthetically appealing on some homes

Composite window frames are made up of a combination of materials that share the same benefits with timber and aluminium. This solves the problem when you are somewhat torn between the two.

Benefits of Composite Window – What to Consider

  • The combined strength of timber and aluminium with easy maintenance
  • May be more expensive than others
  • Can last up to 50-60 years
  • Variation in materials depending on the manufacturer, so you may want to do research before choosing it.
  • High efficiency
  • May look out of place on some traditional homes

uPVC is probably the most popular and cheapest choice for windows replacement for houses in the UK. Just take note that uPVC windows are not designed to last long enough like other materials. Thus, it needs to be replaced much sooner.

  • uPVC Window Considerations
  • Requires low/little maintenance only
  • Shorter life span compared to composite, aluminium, and timber – which lasts for up to 15 years
  • Cheapest material available
  • Do not suit old-fashioned and traditional homes
  • Suit modern houses
  • Manufacturing process of material is not environment-friendly

Replacing Windows Explained - Cost

Cost of Replacement Windows

Now, we come to the last but not the least factor to consider when getting replacement windows: cost. There are some factors that can affect the cost of each material such as size, type of window, and the material itself.

On top of the costs of the windows themselves, you would also need to consider the installation costs.

To explore your options in getting the best possible installation price for you, feel free to manually collect and compare quotes from different window installers. But if you want an instant way, we got you covered. Just fill in our simple form online and expect a call from 3 different window installers near your area. They would be glad to provide you with free quotes for you to compare.

Free Replacement Window Quotes: Get your quotes and compare each price.