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Avoiding Road Rage – Driving Etiquette and Culture

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Guide | 0 comments

Road Rage – What is it

Driving is something that everybody needs to take seriously. Being in control of the steering wheel requires you to be responsible, considering how you are controlling a beast of a machine that can easily jeopardize your safety and that of other people if you aren’t careful on the road. All too many times, you may have heard of driving instructors advice you how a car is very much like a weapon, even like a tank but capable of much higher speed.

While you won’t end up shooting projectiles from your seat when driving your car, there are serious factors to your driving that can become serious artillery if you aren’t careful enough. Whether it is on-coming traffic or high speeds, there are so many things that can turn deadly when driving. Making sure that you know exactly how to prevent that heavy metal you’re driving from doing that is essential.

Despite all this analogy about the said tanks and artillery, it is important to remember that the road is never a war zone and should not be considered and view as one. A driving license does not equate to receiving your 00-agent badge or a license to kill another person. However, the lack of awareness of some safety practices and proper etiquette when on the road can lead exactly to that— accidents that can be quite fatal to every party involved. This is the reason that drivers should never take lightly the weight of the responsibility of being behind the wheel.

What does the law dictate about road rage?

There are countries that have made it illegal for drivers to engage in “road rage”. This means that the said drivers that display rude behaviour when on the road can get penalized with stiff fines and some may even be required to serve some jail time in view of the situations that escalated. It does make sense too. After all, when someone patience is tried and tempers flare, there’s a very good chance that another people can act rashly which could eventually lead to injuries or even something worse.

British laws do not consider road rage to be illegal. However, displaying said rude behaviour on the road like rude gesture, attack and the likes in this country can lead to a driver getting fined. This is why it is important to always uphold and used proper driving manners when on the road.

Driving etiquette

Road rage - Driving Etiquette

Manners, class, etiquettes, unwritten rules— it doesn’t matter what you call the proper behaviour you should display or used when you’re on the road, but it calls comes down to a single thing: good driving practice. When observed at all times manage, this helps prevent instances of negative driving culture.

Giving way

Make it a point to always adhere to rules concerning the right of way. When your lane is blocked by someone make sure to manage to pull in behind. Always give priority to any uphill traffic too. Also, if you are the one who has given the way, make sure to get a friendly wave up as a gesture, in view of gratitude and appreciation.


Allow cars in and make a friendly signal to another driver to let them know that you are letting them go ahead. These are friendly control and stress-free advice alternatives to just getting yourself worked up. It is always better to give way to others instead of stressing yourself over getting angry over another driver getting ahead of you. Little road courtesies like these can make all the difference, More importantly, they can help ease the traffic flow and other motorists will pay the gesture forward and it just makes your drive stress-free. 

Take turns

Always follow the principle of taking turns. This doesn’t mean just allowing any incident of opportunistic jumper to wiggle their way out. Giving way for at least one before actually muscling your way through is one way of showing to the rest of the motorist that you are willing to give way for another but not to the point where you just let everybody else pass you. What you’re doing is to set an example to others following you will do the same and pay the kind gesture forward.

Traffic flow

Just because there is an unwritten rule about how important it is to keep up with the traffic flow doesn’t mean that you can just start speeding up if you see that others are doing so. No. What you want to remember though is to drive in a manner doesn’t cause the traffic to slow down.

Also, if you find that you’re on the wrong lane and you’re about to miss a turn, be a better driver and go the long way instead. If there’s something that may catch your attention, be it a roadside accident or whatever similar incident that warrants your curiosity, always remember that it is not reason for you to hold up the traffic flow. Avoid dawdling because this can cause considerable inconvenience to others.

Use driving indicators

Don’t forget to use your light indicators. Making sure that you use your indicators right ensures that accidents and frustrations are prevented. This means making sure that blinkers used are indicated whenever you’re about to exit a roundabout when you’re about to turn a corner. However, people often end up using just their horns, hazards or headlights whenever signalling to other drivers. 

This can sometimes lead to miscommunication since there are drivers that might believe that you’re indicating them rudely just because you did not use the correct one. Taking the time to learn proper driving indicators is essential. Also, using your hands to signal is not a bad thing than aggressive driving. Just see to it that you’re using them positively as well.

Road Rage

Avoid unnecessarily endangering yourself and other drivers

Avoid doing things that are likely to escalate into something more serious or even fatal when driving a vehicle. For instance, getting out of your car when during a red light, or aggressive driving is never going to do you any good. Never try to get ahead of someone by running them off the road. You’d think that nobody would dare do something stupid like this on the road but these are real experiences that real did at some point.

Cars play a huge and smart role in making it easier and faster for us to get from one location to another. However, aggressive drivers also need to remember that they are not in Formula 1 and they’re not driving race cars. Even if they do, the road is not really the kind of setting that warrants speeding up or driving your cars or vehicle recklessly. Besides, you will likely have kids with you in the car when on the road so it is the perfect time to set better examples for them. Even when they’re not, this could also be a good opportunity for you to set a good example to other motorists out there.

To sum it up

Always remember that when it comes to proper road behaviour, the Golden Rule always applies— treat others the way you too want to be treated. As with anything in life, courtesy can make all the difference, especially when you’re trying to get heated discussions tempered. While it is true that not all the time, you can’t expect the other party to act as rationally as you, but what really matters is you have done your part to escalate the tension. It is always easier to step away from any friction when not all parties involved are more than eager to get an argument going.