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Important Road Rules to Remember – Road Rules to Remember

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Guide | 0 comments

Road Rules – Important Rules to Remember

Falling asleep when on the wheels can be fatal. Everybody knows how important it is to stay alert and awake when on the driver’s seat. However, there is more to being alert than just opening your eyes and keeping them focused on the road as well as the surroundings while you drive.

Of course, making sure that both your eyes are open is a really good start when driving. However, just being alert behind the wheels is just not going to cut it. You’ll also need to know the rules of the road when driving as this is the best way that you can be fully alert every time. It’s also worth noting that different countries tend to have their own specific rules. Understanding how the rule may vary from one country to the next and being aware of these location-specific rules will help you become a better driver.


Highway codes

A crucial requirement before you can be accorded a license to drive a vehicle is to first know the specific rules of the country you reside. There is a need for you to know what the road codes are. Before you are allowed to legally operate a vehicle, there is a written exam that you need to go through first. It usually contains a number of questions and you just have to select the right answer from the multiple choices provided.

In some cases, there will be picture-based scenes too. It is essential for you to know the road rules in theory and what follows next will be learning them practically. This helps you feel more confident and assured when you’re ready to sit behind the wheels and drive. Also, only after you have gone through the written exam can you go through the practical driving stage of the test.


Getting to know the signs

Different countries will usually have their respective natural hazards and drivers would do well to be on the lookout for them when on the road. Also, signs may not be universally the same in your previous residence and this can make things a bit confusing. This is especially true if you are in a foreign country and driving around for the first time, navigating your way through their roads and highways can get a bit confusing.  

Always make sure to secure a copy of the most updated version of the rules of the road in the country you’re travelling in. Make it a point too to familiarize as many of these rules as you can. It will help make your driving experience so much easier.


Road sharing

When driving, always remember that the highest concern for every motorist should be getting to their respective destinations safely. It’s not a race about who gets to reach the finish line ahead of the rest. People often mistake public roadways as their own racetrack and this can come with such serious consequences.

When driving, always remember that the basic rules of courtesy and humanity apply. Patience, kindness as well as consideration to your fellow motorists can go a long way. Staying vigilant matters a lot too and you’ll be surprised how many lives it can actually save. What really matters at the end of it all is being able to get exactly to where you’re going and arriving there in one piece. Always remember that it’s not just you traveling the road. You share it with other motorists as well. So, observing these sharing etiquettes is essential when driving any vehicle.



Road Rules - Be aware of Cyclists

Having to share the road with cyclists may not be as ideal. This can make things a bit inconvenient, especially when the volume of traffic is a bit high. Making sure to keep the right perspective is essential in ensuring that the whole journey is going to be harmless and accident-free.

In many cases, traffic accidents occur simply because people weren’t making the best decisions. While there is no way for you to control what other people will do while on the road, you can actually make the right choices and ensure that you’re not only road-prepared but that you are making the best possible calls and decisions when driving too.

Awareness and education are essential. However one must also remember that the highway code and road rules concerning cyclists can significantly different depending on the country you’re driving at. It’s very likely though that the fundamental rules and principles will be the same. But it wouldn’t hurt to take the time to learn the basic rules of the highway for cyclists here you are, even taking the time to go through some specialised cycle training is a good idea not just for you but for your family as well.

If you happen to reside and drive a vehicle somewhere that has a high traffic column where the cycle-ways are not as prominent and developed, cycle training can make such a massive difference.



Pedestrians tend to be highly vulnerable especially near roadways. Unlike vehicles, pedestrians don’t have any metal around them to keep them safe from their surroundings compared to people who are inside their respective vehicles. This is why cyclists and drivers need to develop an attitude of caution and preparedness and that they should be ready to stop always to give way to vulnerable pedestrians.



Children need to be taught the rules of the road at an early age too. After all, they are going to be pedestrians long before they will become actual drivers. This is why they can be quite susceptible to road risks and dangers like bystanders and other pedestrians alike. This is why making them aware of potential dangers and what they can do to minimise them is very important.

The internet offers a ton of resources that parents can use when teaching their kids about staying safe on the road. You’ll find that there are road codes that are specifically aimed at kids. This is a good starting point to make it easier to explain to them safety road tips. You’ll want to look for resources that are specifically aimed at children since they are generally explained in a manner that is simpler for kids to understand. They tend to be more fun as well.

Children love learning and are quite keen on taking on responsibilities which makes them more independent because they can see you doing the same things. They are great emulators, after all. Making sure that they are introduced to and are practicing the rules young ensures that they will have learned all these rules by heart by the time that they are ready to finally take to the road on their own.


Driver’s education – Driving lessons

Road Rules - Driving Lessons

Driving is a huge responsibility— something that people would do well not to take lightly. Any motorcycle vehicle is like a moving tank. So, it wouldn’t hurt to treat every single vehicle you meet along the road as tanks that are speeding towards each other. Sure, cars may not be as heavy and massive as tanks. They aren’t likely to shoot projectile weapons off the driver’s seat as well.

However, what most people fail to understand is that vehicle speed is one of the most crucial factors that can make driving fatal. Add to those other variables like pedestrian and animal unpredictability as well as road conditions and you have a potent mix of just all the right amount of danger to make a road accident quite deadly.

One very good practice when on the road is defensive driving. It is a great way of ensuring that you are well-prepared when on the road since it will prevent freak-outs while driving as in the case of swerving. A refresher course of defensive driving or to hire an instructor is not a bad idea at all. Even when you have been driving for years, getting some updated techniques and lessons on defensive driving couldn’t hurt.


Driving rules summary

Making sure that you brush up on the road rules as well as get your mind freshened up is essential when keeping your alertness on the road. Understand that driving rules tend to change over time. The same is true with natural driving conditions as well as landscape as well. Being aware of these changes is crucial in ensuring that you’ll be more responsible for road rules.

Signing up for a refresher course for defensive driving as well as cycling will help improve your safety, your loved ones, and that of other people on the road. If you haven’t yet, this is something you might want to consider.