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A Guide for Choosing Trailer Tent Insurance

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Insurance | 0 comments

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Are you above 50 or over 65? A classic trailer tent can still give you a good time during your holiday in the UK. 



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Do I need insurance for my trailer tent?


For any vehicle including a trailer tent, getting insurance is a legal requirement. You must have at least a third party insurance level before you can drive your vehicle or trailer tent on a public road. Although this may be provided in motor insurance it is also essential that you check the documents of your motor insurance policy to see if it covers your trailer tent. You may want to check for certain technicalities that may determine if your trailer tent is covered, these includes; 


If there is a cover included for towing of your car in your insurance policy, which is often the case, then you must know that this can only work for your trailer if it is attached to the towing vehicle which is already insured. Although this may not include the cover for any damage caused on the trailer, loss of the trailer to theft, or for any third party liability if your trailer has caused any damage to another person’s property or a person when it is not attached. 


You are required by the law to have extra insurance, as long your current motor insurance policy includes cover for towing, however, some people may decide that it is better to purchase a trailer tent insurance because of the peace of mind it gives to own one. 


Check thoroughly, your valid motor insurance policy on your car to be sure it provides you with a cover for towing. While most of the motor policies provide you with a third party only insurance cover when towing, you are also responsible to see to it that that is most certainly the case. If from your insurance policy documents, the terms and conditions are not very clear to you, you may want to discuss with your insurance provider so that you can get further clarification before you take your trailer tent for use on a public roadway. To be certain, you are not driving uninsured. 



What security measures do I have to use on my trailer tent?



Some insurance policy providers are very sensitive about security when they are offering you insurance. They require a higher level of existing security for your trailer tent before you can purchase a trailer tent insurance from them. 


Most trailer tent insurance policy requires that when your trailer tent is detached from a towing vehicle and would probably be left unattended to for a couple of hours, you must secure your trailer tent with a wheel clamping device at least.  You can make use of security devices that will help you at least slow a thief down if they want to steal your trailer tent if not resist them such as a hitch lock, alarms system, wheel clamping devices, and so on. But you must ensure that whatever security option you are going to choose has been tested and trusted. When your trailer tent is at home, you should lock up your trailer tent in a garage which may not require extra security devices if you have safely locked your garage. 



Which cover should I get for trailer tent insurance?


When you are looking to purchase a trailer tent, ensure that you have carefully checked out different quotes online from various trailer tent insurance providers. For this reason, you will find quite a lot of options that you can choose from, the ones you should consider must be the one that is suitable for your trailer tent in terms of age and the purpose your trailer tent is serving for you. 


The following are the components of your trailer tent insurance cover that you must consider in the policy, they include insurance policy cover contents, personal items, equipment, and unit


This insurance policy will cover any loss or damage that is visible on your trailer tent, also includes a majority of the trailer equipment and every other object that you use, and keep inside and around the trailer tent. There would usually be some exclusions that will apply such as cover for your computer devices, cash, or some valuables. However, it essential that you include the cover type that you want, they include the following; 


  • Agreed value cover – This is when you agree at the beginning of your policy what you will get in case your trailer tent is lost or damaged. This is very useful if you have spent the extra money to invest in modifying your trailer tent to suit your purpose or for decoration and you believe after this, it has a higher worth than the present market value.  


  • New For Old Cover – This involves your agreement when you start your policy that in case your trailer tent is damaged way more than it can be repaired, you will get a new trailer tent which is of the exact specifications as the one that you have lost. This cover is likely to be of more benefit to you if you have an older trailer tent because it is not going to be easy to get an exact replacement for the same amount as the current market value. 


  • Market value cover – It would be included in your trailer tent policy, an agreement that if your trailer tent is damaged to the extent that it can’t be repaired, you will get an amount that is equal to the exact amount of the trailer tent according to the present market value at the time you make a claim.


  • Cover for loss of use –  This component of your insurance policy is applicable when your trailer tent becomes unsuitable to live in because of an insured occurrence and it will provide any cost incurred from getting an alternative accommodation when you cannot stay there. This may also include cover for returning your valuable items and contents to your home address. 


  • Cover for public liability – This part of your insurance cover included compensation that you are supposed to pay in the case that you are found to be legally responsible and liable to pay if your trailer tent caused injury or loss of life to a member of the public, or it caused damage to their property.


  • Personal accident cover – In this category for a personal accident cover, you can be able to claim if you or a family member becomes injured while they are in your trailer tent. Some insurance policy providers offer this personal accident cover for both members and non-members of your family, provided that they sustain injuries while in your trailer tent. For this reason, you must be certain about who are the exact people that are insured under this type of insurance cover for your trailer tent and the benefits levels for every type of possible injuries before you commit to a certain insurance policy or choose a type of cover.



Other insurance policy considerations for your trailer tent


It is worthwhile that you check if your trailer tent insurance policy covers you and your trailer tent when you are traveling abroad if you plan to loan your family and friends your trailer tent that they would drive out on their own. You must make sure that you check this out too on the cover. Also, you may be able to include cover for extra equipment that may be found inside your trailer tent like fishing rods, sports equipment like surfboards, skateboards, and so on.



Can I get a discount on my trailer tent insurance premium?



You may likely be considered for a discount by your insurance policy provider if you have some security measures already in place for your trailer tent. If your insurer finds out that the security measures in place for your trailer tent will make your trailer tent a lesser risk, you will most likely be rewarded with a lesser premium to compensate for your effort.