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A Look at the Different Types of Car Owners

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Guide | 0 comments

The car you drive can reveal way more than you thought it would about you, the car owner. Whether you’re a dealership veteran or you’re just getting your first ever car purchase, there are a number of reasons that have compelled you to drive around the four wheels you are using on the road today.


Cars are available in all makes and models, colours and styles and performance and fuel options. So, why is it exactly that you have chosen what you ended up with?


Considering how there are types of people’s personalities, we have decided to take this into the next level of information and find out exactly what type of person is behind the wheels you drive. Read on and find out which of these car owner types best describes you.


  1.     The eco-warriors

It’s definitely easy to spot those owners who seem to advocate more eco-friendly measures with the vehicles they drive. This is hardly surprising though because the presence of hybrid cars on the road has become more than just a means for those people who care about the environment to still get drive around and get to their destination without having to feel guilty that they are contributing towards the ever-worsening environment issues that the earth is facing today.


More and more people are looking into hybrid cars as a road favourite. They’re known to produce lower emissions of carbon dioxide and they tend to consume less fuel as well. 


They also come with some extra benefits for the driver too. For instance, you get to enjoy a much lower road tax for your first year. You can also avoid getting charged congestion fees so you get the opportunity to save a lot from your hybrid car in the long term.


When you drive a hybrid car, it is generally a personal statement and information, letting those around you know that you’re doing the best you can to do your share at lessening the impact of the vehicle that you drive on the environment.


  1.     The gearheads

These are the car owners who know anything and everything about cars. You know exactly about the specific parts of the engine and you’re very much up to date with the car’s manufacture details. You don’t need to ask around where to source the best parts with the best prices— anything about the car you drive, you just know it all. If there are things you don’t know about the vehicle, you always make it a point to spend time and effort to know more about it.


You’re always more than happy to jump at the chance of tinkering down the hood. You don’t even shy away from the task of getting a rust bucket restored to its old glory. You get a fix going to auction houses and finding some rusty old car that’s just waiting for your magic touch to get it restored once and for all. There’s just something about cars that just interests you and you’re not shy to show it.


  1.     The flashy ones

For these car owners, there’s nothing more important than getting the best, fastest and flashiest cars the market has to offer. For these people, style matters more than substance but the car’s engines will certainly make some really impressive noses that are bound to get those you pass by to take a second look at what just breezed past them.


You’re always on the lookout for the newest Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or BMW and price is never even an issue. Being able to drive around with one of these beauties just makes you feel like you’re in peak form on the road.


Since you’re making some rather healthy income, you’re not shy to let the rest of the world know that you are doing well in the financial department and your car clearly reflects that. Nothing wrong with that— you work hard, you deserve to pamper yourself.


  1.     The stay-at-home kids at heart

These car owners are the ones you hear long before you saw them. They usually have their sound systems on the full whenever they drive by.


They definitely would not miss for the world that annual Japfest and are quite very up to date on the comings and goings on Japanese Export. They’re likely most enthusiastic about Mitsubishi, Subaru and Honda and it wouldn’t be surprising to find their bedroom walls plastered with at least one of these makers’ posters just to reinforce their love and affection for the brand.


Whatever money they earn, it’s likely going to be spent mostly on the car. From extra-large tyres, a slick paint job, to custom rims, even cameras for nice views on the road,  there’s just no holding back to them when showing their auto some love and luxury. They’d even go to such lengths as ensuring that their engine’s own megaphone, the mufflers, get a large chunk of the pie as well.


The irony though is that while they do have the means to afford all this extra stuff they’re more than happy to deck their cars with but at present, they’re still living with their parents.


  1.     The wannabe hippies

The 1960s was known for being the flower power era. This is also about the time when the VW Beetle and VW Campervan came into the scene. Today, you always find the opportunity to drive one of these iconic vehicles as much as you can— or more specifically, an updated version of these classics.


More than just an owner and driving around with a wagon that can be pulled out for those camping and beach excursions, you’re definitely replicating the hippie lifestyle as well. You’ve decided to do away with the usual financial worries that used to bog you down. You’ve pretty much resolved to just get your tent dragged to whatever festival is happening close by. You’ve made your VW Campervan your home away from home.


It’s more than worth it too. Driving around with your VW Beetle has led you to discover a new sense of freedom and you’ve never loved the wind rustling around you more. Life is you on the road with your car and the ownership— and it doesn’t get any better than that.


  1.     The mums on the run

It’s pretty easy to spot the mums or the parents mostly with the kind of car they drive around. After all, their vehicle of choice screams they have parenting responsibilities no matter how you look at it. You’re proud to show it to the rest of the world too. Your vehicle of choice makes you more empowered as you find that it is more than able to get your practical needs addressed every time. You definitely got enough vehicle space to make it such a breeze to get the kids in and out and you certainly have the power to make it easier enough for you to weave through traffic to make sure that they’re in school just in time.


Your vehicle is definitely hard not to notice in the car park. What used to be a tip-top and pristine Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008 or Picasso C3 now sits comfortably in the car park’s child and parent bays. It’s far from looking like its old pristine self too. A quick glance will reveal all the toy carnage and food debris at the back but you would change a thing because it is this same familiar messy feel that makes your kids feel cosy and at home whenever you drive them around.


Summary – Types of Car Owners

At the end of the day, whatever you do with your car space is your business. It is yours, after all, car ownership is worth it. Why be ashamed to let the rest of the world know who you truly are?