Understanding Unsecured Loans


Unsecured loans are types of borrowings one could obtain without the need for collateral or guarantor. It’s a type of loan that does not require a physical asset or cosigner to secure the debt in case of non-repayment.

An unsecured loan differs from a secured loan since there is no collateral to protect them. To fund major transactions, such as purchasing a car, completing home renovations, or paying unpaid bills, people apply for unsecured loans. The lender would not be able to demand any personal assets from the borrower if an unsecured loan is unpaid. However, just because an unsecured loan may not entail any collateral guarantee from you, if you do not manage the debt payments, the lender maintains legal rights to recoup the amount from you in whatever manner. Click here to learn about unsecured loans for companies.


Can someone with bad credit get an unsecured loan?

All loans at simply.co.uk are unsecured. We acknowledge that you should not be held back from taking out a loan you simply because of bad credit. We are willing to accept your application – all you need to do is show proof that you can financially handle the repayments.


Up to what amount can I borrow from you?

You may borrow amounts between £500 and £1000 through our unsecured loans for bad credit options. Most individuals, normally request as much as £700 for their initial loan. Before getting a loan, it is essential to evaluate how much money you require. The reason behind this is that you will be required to pay the full interest amount regardless of the amount you use.


Applying for an unsecured loan from simply.co.uk

We make applying for an unsecured loan straightforward and very simple. Compared to taking out a secured loan where you are required to look for and assign a guarantor or collateral for the loan, there are no such requirements for our unsecured loans. Click the “Apply Now” button to start the application process. Make sure you have supplied all the necessary details when submitting the application form to have your loan request processed as soon as possible. The money should be transferred to your bank account in under an hour after your loan has been accepted. Loan repayments are rendered monthly as per the agreed-upon schedule.


Are there any advantages in taking out a bad credit unsecured loan from a direct lender?

In comparison to arranging for an unsecured loan with a broker, there are several advantages in getting an unsecured loan from a bad credit direct lender. These are some of them:

You can directly receive the loan from the lender, without engaging any third party.
You will be in regular contact with your lender should there be any issues or questions about the loan. Your information remains secure and not shared with other companies.

Simply.co.uk serves as a direct lender and a broker, which presents many advantages to you as a borrower. If we seem unable to accept your request for an unsecured loan, then we will send your information to other businesses that might be able to help you – but only with your permission!

Unsecured lines of credit – what do I need to know?

An open-ended borrowing which can be utilized for almost everything is called an unsecured line of credit or LOC. It works similarly to a credit card in that, while they have an available credit limit, the customer can use that line of credit and pay back once they have the available funds. A credit card is an example of an unsecured line of credit.


Are there any alternatives to an unsecured bad credit loan?

There are many alternatives to unsecured loans that you can go for. You can look at other unsecured loans alternatives, such as:

Secured loan: It would likely turn out cheaper if you took out a secured loan or loan that requires a co-signer. For a secured loan, however, it can take much longer to get accepted. If you need cash immediately, perhaps this isn’t going to be an ideal option for you. Ask for a pay advance from your employer.

Ask to borrow money from family Make sure to put the arrangement in writing when taking out loans from friends or family members. If you start repaying late or don’t start paying back in any way, it’s best to discuss the consequences.


Simply.co.uk offers the best direct unsecured loans

We have assisted thousands of people in the UK in securing the loan they seek. Our loans are now more affordable and more convenient to obtain. Borrowers may opt to, pay less on their initial payment, allowing them to get back on track quicker. Simply.co.uk loans are flexible which means you are allowed to pay back as early as possible without additional fees which let you save money from paying interest!

Reach out to us and apply for the most suitable unsecured loan today!


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Get deals, tips and insider secrets on the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Stay ahead of the curve on what’s in style and where to find the best bargains


Get deals, tips and insider secrets on the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Stay ahead of the curve on what’s in style and where to find the best bargains