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Van Financing For Poor Credit

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Car Finance | 0 comments

Van Financing For Poor Credit

If you’re searching for financing for vans with your bad credit, we’ll help you get your bad credit van loan approved!


We’re professional lenders who can assist those who need van financing despite their credit rating.


When you work with us, you’ll find that anyone can purchase a van and bad credit will not stop us from helping you achieve it.


A Simple Guide to Van Financing for Poor Credit


Poor credit van financing is offered to individuals with bad credit ratings.


You need to be able to show your affordability to be considered for bad credit van financing. This is typically used as part of the van loan process so it’s best if you can prove your capability to pay.


You can get a van loan as much as £25,000, but you should be able to show your intent to pay and that you can afford repayments per month.


If you need a van but your credit rating is poor, you can request a quick decision.


If ever you’re approved, you can start looking for a vehicle that meets your credit limit and your view their stock in it.


It’s easy to apply for van financing over the Internet or to any finance company with good reviews. Our team will give you a speedy decision and offer support during the entire process of van financing.


Getting a Bad Credit Van Finance


After submitting your van loan application online, one of our friendly specialists will discuss with you the different options available for poor credit van financing.


One of our team members will work with you so you can get honest recommendations about van financing for poor credit. Your loan advisor will also discuss the details of the bad credit van finance or loan, especially the terms and conditions of the borrowing to a van finance company with good reviews. 


Apply for Van Finance for Self Employed People


We have been helping people with poor or bad credit apply for van financing even if they are self-employed.


You will be asked to present proof of income documents and you will be guided by one of our staff during the process.


Regardless of the nature of your business, we will assist you to get the van financing you need. You can use the finance calculator on our website for an idea of how much your monthly payments will be and compare it to getting it for lease.


FAQs on Bad Credit or Poor Credit Van Financing


Is It Possible to Get Van Financing With CCJ and Defaults?


Our team of specialist credit or loan providers can help you with van finance even if you’ve defaulted or have CCJ.


Although with little information, we can help get you auto-acceptance for van financing, you will still need to justify your income to get approval.


You don’t have to provide a joint applicant or guarantor with good credit to apply for van financing.


Will My Credit Rating Be Affected When Applying For Finance on Van?


If you have poor or bad credit and you want to get van financing, you can expect a ‘soft credit search’ to be performed as per guidelines of the company of where you apply.


Your personalized report does not affect your financial history, specifically your credit score. 


We will only conduct a complete credit check when you have read and accepted the terms of your loan for vans and contract including the monthly payments and APR.


Will I Be Accommodated for Van Loan If I’m Self-Employed?


We work with borrowers who are self-employed and bad credit all the time to avail for a van loan.


We will request three months’ worth of bank statements to determine whether you can afford van financing. 


Will I Get Van Finance Approval If I Filed For Bankruptcy?


We usually still can help people who have filed bankruptcy in the past to apply for a van loan.


You simply need to fill up a form online and a team member will reach out to you to discuss the details of your van finance agreement. 


We do not guarantee acceptance on any van finance application.