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Van Financing for Self-Employed Applicants

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Car Finance | 0 comments

Van Financing for Self-Employed Applicants


Looking for option and ways you can get your next van purchased financed but you are currently self-employed? At Simply, among the services we offer is self-employed van financing for people who currently do not have an employer. More importantly, we offer van financing for all types of borrowers no matter their credit scores. We even accept bad credit borrowers.


Self-Employed Van Finance


We offer a streamlined application process that gets rid of tons of paperwork that you’d usually get bombarded with if applying for van financing traditionally. Enjoy our fast decisions too along with some top-notch affordable rates for a van finance. We can offer van financing from £5000-£25000. We also give you the freedom to choose your van from any of the reputable dealers around offering van finance. 


Self-Employed Credit Services


Among the funding options we have on offer are personal loans or small loans. If you have managed to keep your credit in good shape all this time, you can easily take advantage much higher loanable amounts even without putting in a deposit. 

Do note that if you have secured a traditional HP agreement where VAT payable is included on tax, we will not be able to get the VAT financed. You might want to consider looking at your dealers since this can vary from one source to the next to determine whether or not the VAT is payable. 


Vans Finance Help for No Work Self-Employed Applicants


If you need a hand in sourcing the best option for vans or vehicles even if you are self-employed, we will be more than happy to help you get the best option. Our specialists will be more than happy to take on the task or work so you get more time to concentrate on more important matters on self-employed van finance.


To Get a Representative Van Financing


If you intend to take out a £7500 loan and want to repay it within 4 years and you have been offered a representative APR of 27.9% along with a fixed annual rate of 27.9%, then you will need to repay £244.77 every month. This will bring the total credit cost to £4,248.96 with the overall loan total being £11,748.97

Understand that the numbers reflected here are just representative figures only. The final figures that your lender will offer you will vary considerably from one borrower to the next since the calculations are based on your specific financial situation. 

At Simply, we are a broker and not a lender.