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Car Buying Guides — Van Insurance

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Van Insurance: A Guide to Know the Best Policies


Van insurance can be a bit more expensive than your ordinary car insurance. If you’ve been a van driver or own one for years and at the same time have a car, you can see the comparison on the insurance rates between the two types of vehicles. A factor to that is because a lot of vans take up larger engines and weigh more than a car too, this can have an effect when getting computed on how much a van’s insurance premium should be. Since the majority of the vans in the UK’s roads are being used for commercial purposes this means they have a good chance of being in the road a lot more often which would increase their mileage over an average car. These factors can push up insurance premium rates just for that.

Let Simply.co.uk help you by providing you with their quality van insurance comparison. With the use of their service, you’ll be getting around 50 insurance companies that will provide you with their cost and computation very quickly. This is very helpful especially if you are trying to search for a good deal in your insurance provider for your van.


What Insurance Coverage should I go for when insuring my van?


Van drivers have 3 levels of insurance to choose just the same as car drivers:

Third party

Third party, fire and theft

Fully comprehensive Van Insurance


The minimum level of coverage among the three is Third Party. This is the least required by the UK law and is cheaper than the other two choices. If you’re a young driver and may be quoted a higher insurance, you can look into the details for a third party to see if this is suitable for you.

The thing with third party insurance is it will take care of the damages to the third party involved in the accident and not yours most especially when you happen to be at fault for the accident. If your vehicle or van got damaged as well, then you would be shouldering the repairs on your own.

There is not much difference in pricing between the third party and the fully comprehensive van insurance at times. Many insurance providers have observed that third party cover is historically favored by drivers that have weak driving records. That I the reason that insurance comparison should be done first and foremost when getting a van insurance so you can have an idea on the quotations right for your van. It also helps in making sure that you can get the most comprehensive coverage at a good rate.


Van insurance cost versus car insurance cost?


Large engine size of vans over cars:

Due to vans larger engine size it kind of places it in an instant category of higher insurance groups and this plays a role or a factor in calculating insurance premiums. Simply put that vans are more expensive to insure.


Vans for commercial use:

The normal or usual purpose of a van is either commercial or business use. And because of that, by nature they are on the road more and collecting more mileage. A van’s commercial use can take up all day leading to higher mileage while a car is normally used for personal consumption or a home to office to home route.


There is an identified ‘social, domestic and pleasure’ class of van insurance that you can choose from and this will not allow you to use your van for either commercial or business types of trips. This risk invalidates the policy you acquired for the van even if occasionally you use the van for commercial purposes.


Cost of policy for modified vans.


A modified van insurance costs more over insuring a van with no modifications. When a van is modified, there is risk of it being stolen or being involved in an accident. In the instance of engine upgrades, tinted windows or performance enhancements can get the drivers a high risk of being in accidents. If you add signage to your vans, thieves may get attracted to it and target the vehicle thinking that there are valuable materials in it. When your van underwent aesthetic modifications this will also increase the insurance claim if ever the vehicle gets into an accident. Also if the van has gone commercial modifications wherein roof bars or a tail lift has been added, this will make the van heavier and move it up to the category of higher van insurance groups.


Is it possible to take out black box van insurance?


There are van insurance companies that offer black box van insurance and this gives young van drivers a chance at a reduced premium as long as they are safe drivers, do not do speeding and comply with the restrictions as imposed on the policy. Because of these restrictions, most of the van drivers prefer to get the standard policy over the black box insurance policy. That is to stay away from the restrictions.


How can I find cheaper van insurance?


In finding a cheaper van insurance this is where an insurance comparison website can be of service to you. Allow them to give you a range of van insurance providers for you to choose from. This is the service that Simply.co.uk provides and you’ll definitely have peace of mind knowing that you were able to get the right one out of the many options available.


On top of this, there things you can do in order for you to get a cheaper cost in insuring your van:

  • Use off-road parking: Avoid parking roadside, this prevents vans getting hit by a passing vehicle or targeted by thieves. If you have a garage or a driveway where you can park your van, this will surely get you a lower cost on your van insurance.
  • Installed alarm or engine immobilizer: Your car insurance cost can lower if the van you bought has a manufacturer installed alarm or engine immobilizer. If not you can have this installed.
  • Avoiding other vehicle modifications: As much as possible stick to the basic required modification by the van insurance provider because instead of helping you reduce cost, any modification other than those required will get your premium’s cost up.
  • Paying for the full year upfront: It’s cheaper to pay for a full year on your policy, if you pay monthly, you’ll pay more overall.
  • Agreeing to a higher excess: if you agree to a higher voluntary excess this will help slightly lower your van insurance premium but just remember that you don’t have to cover a large portion of the cost in the event that you need to claim your insurance.


Should I use van insurance brokers?


It would be wise to look around and check if there are other premiums that can suit you better. Yes your existing provider will present you with a renewal quote but it won’t hurt to take a peek at what others can offer. Simply.co.uk can provide you with a wide range of insurers for insurance comparison.


If you happened to be a specialized van carrying hazardous materials or something along that line, you would need a specialist van insurance. A van insurance broker may be able to assist you in getting a specialist provider and you can also compare quotes as provided by Simply.co.uk.


One of the factors used in order to determine which insurance group the van belongs to is by its weight. If you also happen to add some modifications to it like roof bar installations or fitting a tail lift, chances are the cost of your modified van insurance increases since these modifications are additional weight to your vehicle and will push the van to a higher insurance group.


If you want to be certain or do not want to miss out on knowing what insurance provider and their quote would be best for your van whether it’s the premium or the cost, head over to Simply.co.uk website and let their van insurance comparison service take the stress off of you.