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Understanding Vehicle Finance

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Car Finance | 0 comments

Understanding Vehicle Finance


Were you trying to obtain acceptance for car finance? We effectively procure auto loan offers for you, making it easier to purchase the car you need and be out on the road the soonest.


Car purchasing is difficult but also a personal achievement. We recognize the inherent feelings of curiosity and the desire to get the process right.


Our mission is to secure the best possible car loan terms from our trusted network of loan providers for you – and we’re excellent in what we do. We will help you find the right car based on the personal requirements you have established with us, and you’ll have the ability to purchase from your preferred car dealer.


Our loan calculator lets you understand the number of your repayments within every month. Choose the amount you want to borrow and how long you’re willing to pay for it. We are experts in automotive financing.


Representative Finance Example:


A loan of £7,500 for 4 years at a 27.9% APR representative, an interest rate of 27.9% (fixed annually) and no mortgage, £244.77 will be the amount repayable per month and the overall expense of the loan will be £4,248.96 and the total payable amount would be £11,748.97*.


*The rate may vary from that shown above attributable to your special situation. Every data on loan request is subject to approval.


We’re a loan broker, not a lender.


What is Vehicle Financing?


Car financing provides an option to purchase a vehicle for individuals who do not have the funds available without a loan. A car is among the biggest assets you’re acquiring in your entire lifetime. A personal car loan gives you time and resources to buy your car with no need to wait. 


Personal car loans cover three-party financial arrangements involving the car dealership, the lender, and you. The creditor offers to pay the dealer for the car you buy on your behalf. You commit, in exchange, to a loan agreement directly with the lender under specific terms and conditions, as described in your legal agreement about finance on cars.


What’s the process of a personal car loan?


It’s simple and quick as 1-2-3—This is basically a process that involves three steps:


Step# 1- Apply now

Step# 2 – Get approval

Step# 3 – Buy the vehicle


We’re going to do a soft credit check that won’t change or impact your credit score. No one, except you, will be able to see our query on your credit record.


If you have been approved, you can start shopping for your car. The hard part is to pick one of all your possible choices.


As an auto loan broker, it’s our mission to support and have your loan approved. We work with a vast network of creditors and reliable auto dealers to determine the right outcome for clients. Therefore, we do not impose admin fees as we attempt to keep your expenses as reasonable as possible.


We’re going to help you through each and every phase of the loan application. You’re free to purchase a car by yourself, but if you want assistance in finding your ride, we’ve got a team at your disposal for that very reason and be glad to serve you.


If I don’t have decent credit, is it going to disqualify me from car finance?


People aren’t born with credit scores. Credit ratings need to be established and maintained over time. Everyone, including you, has to start somewhere. You’ve got to start again, too, if necessary. That’s why we excel in providing finance to those who require our help.


Car prices must be realistic and not astronomical since mobility is one of life’s daily needs. The ensuing fact of the modern world is that you have to find the opportunity to afford your own vehicle or find suitable finance.


Are you worried about your credit rating?


There’s no need to worry. We use a soft credit check which displays the address of the person for authentication, demonstrates the actual level of income meaning that it can be established whether the borrower will be able to afford the value of the loan sought. We’re not as worried or concerned about your previous credit experience.


Most specifically, a soft check will never leave a negative mark on your credit report. If you can pay the suggested payment scheme, you would be granted the loan. Unless the soft check concludes that you are not capable of handling the monthly payments, you will need to change the amount of the loan to be reconsidered.


Some of the things you will need to think about before you submit your loan request:


  • Your budget
  • Your needs
  • Your wants


How long must you wait to get a car?

We’re quick and straightforward – we realize that it’s important for you to get on the road as quickly as possible. You don’t need to hesitate until after you’ve earned all the money is the whole point of getting the loan in the first place. You might get your acceptance without waiting too long.


After that, the car loan repayments should easily happen, then you can get to the fun part—picking out your ride.


Is it possible to buy a quality car model with financing which I could not afford to pay without the need for car loans?


The possibilities are endless – as long as your affordability permits, you can get anything you want. Perhaps it’s wise to view your essential needs before your desires or wants. You may have to negotiate on any of the finer specifics for a bit, but affordability is usually the only issue.


Where does one purchase a car? Am I limited to apply and work with a few approved car dealers?


You can choose any reputable car dealership. You’re allowed to shop for a vehicle anywhere as long as the reputation of the dealer is credible and trustworthy. We work with a number of authorized car dealerships that will provide you the best service from start to aftersales.


Will you help me find a suitable car for finance?


Reliable support is one thing you can expect from us. We’ll be more than glad to help you find the best car for you. You will have plenty of choices since you’re free to visit any established car dealer in the market. Our friendly team will advise you to make sure there are no missteps.


Do you need more clarification and guides on car finance?


Commonly asked questions and the answers – These guides have answered the most frequently asked questions from clients but these FAQs may also be useful. If you have more questions, never hesitate to reach out to us for any assistance you need. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best customer care available.


Are you worried about acceptance on loans?


It’s normal to worry about approval. But you should take a deep breath, keep calm, and remember that there are many suitable finance options that you can take regardless of your credit situation.


Your capability to repay your loan is still the most crucial factor – your credit score, bad, good, or zero, is a factor with effective workarounds.


We have proven success in obtaining car financing for customers including you. After we verify your finances, you may get approved and ready to choose the car of your dreams.